Update On Our New Weekly Arrangement!

So, this week, so far it's gone like this..

Monday - we had games night, and played card and board games for the 2 - 3 hours we would normally watch TV. I hate games - pure and simple. Well, I hate losing, more than playing. So if I win I'm fine with it. It's to do with growing up with a really competitive (and winning) brother lol

Tuesday - my wife worked late so I was just on my laptop most of the evening.

Wednesday - we had reading night, where we just both started books to red during that same 2 - 3 hour slot we would normally just have the TV on. A lot like l=games night - I simply don't read. I'm not proud of that I just don't like it much, I don't really get anything from it. I have a good imagination, and I like to write (hence why I'm on here) but my wife enjoys reading so I thought it was something we could do together, on a sofa each as it were.

Thursday - we tried a new idea - cooking night! Where my wife helps me in the kitchen learn to make new dishes for dinner. I'm totally crap at cooking and basically don't like it, but I'm giving it a go (a lot like reading and games night).

So tonight, Friday is our go for a walk / have a drink in a pub kinda night. The walk is the good healthy bit, the drink is the reward lol the plan is also to come home and have sex the rest of the evening which is always nice to look forward to! Although that was also last nights plan (cooking doesnt exactly take up all evening, and we didnt just want to watch TV again - that's the whole point of having a new weekly plan - so we said we'd cook together then have sex the rest of the evening. This kind of all went wrong when I cut my **** and balls 3 separate times with my new beard trimming shaver I got for Christmas. It's sharp. Now I know just how sharp. So covered in sudocream I wasn't looking my hottest and we decided massaging each other was a better way to spend the evening, which it was. I slept like a log!

Summary - I've loved the week of not TV. Don't get me wrong I love TV shows like 24 and Homeland, etc, and films, and the occasional decent thing on TV like MoTD. But when you get home and the TV goes on all evening and then you go to bed, it just has made life seem so dull lately. So I think we're doing the right thing by trying to take TV out of our lives for a while and replace it with things we can do together, learn from, enjoy more interaction with each other.

The point? Well, ultimately it's a selfish thing. I want us to be closer and more connected, so that my wife feels more like having sex more regularly. Totally and utterly selfish I know, but, obviously I hope she will enjoy the increase in sex as much as I will!
I'm kidding obviously that's not the reason we're doing all of this, I genuinely think we will be much better and closer as a couple if we alternate what we do. But I also do think it will increase our chances of things like spontaneous sex, public sex, etc, simply because we're doing different things rather than just going to bed each evening after sitting in front of the TV.

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them...

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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

I actually think you have every right to make that sort of plan that''ll get more random and wonderful sex going for you and your wife! Women definitely tend to value time spent and men naturally value sex as ways to feel true love. You're both winning and I think it's a beautiful way to go about it. Thank you for being willing to do what it takes to have what you want. I'm inspired.