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Hello everyone, I am new to the group.

I just wanted to share what goes on with me. First of all I was thankful that I am not the only one. After a lot of research I found that this term described my condition before that I started thinking that I am going mad.

It has been there with me since I could remember. First it was a re modification of cartoon or tv shows scenes which I didn't like and then it grew to be having many worlds which I like to visit as and when I feel like. I am not there in any of them. I have developed characters on my own- with entirely new faces, new names and all -just like a novel. I place them in different situations and the story goes on. I place them even in a different century.

What I think that it breeds from anxiety. I have spent most part of my childhood alone. I had a sibling but she wasn't too interested. I have no common interest with my classmates. I am way mature than them . I think all this led my body to come up with defense mechanism of his own to fight this unpleasant situation. I swear, if it weren't for MD I would have died out of boredom.
I also think it has become an outlet of creativity. because I have been blessed with a talent of writing.

It helps me cope with day 2 day stresses. It doesn't let me feel the pain of the situation such as when my mother as diagnosed with cancer or when my sister went abroad, I didn't feel anything. Because MD tries to save my mind from all unpleasing things or situations.
Sppose I have a fight with my mother Ofcourse I am not able to retaliate because she is elder than me so this causes me to conjure up a scene where my fantasy characters are fighting and The other one retaliates another. something which I was not able to do. and several other situations when I am not able to voice.

I don't have as such problem with MD . I think it is special because I sometimes wow at myself for having created such wonderful things which are difficult to part with. Its just that I want to limit. I don't want to spend every other second dialoging in my mind. especially when there is exam tomorrow. It has become a drug which is painful to part with and unfortunately there is no solution for us. Thank god I came across this group because my friends and family say that this type of hing does not even occur. I am just making up.

Eager to hear other stories .
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I write too. I did not know what it was or why these people were there. so I wrote them or wrote about them. I thought I was just overl gifted as a writer and that God had blessed me with too many visions while others had none. I didn't know this was a condition.

I have a gift of writing as well, so I think. Anyways, I also have MD I'm a keep-it-to myself kind of person so most of my best conversations I ever had happen inside my head. Sad but true! But it's really cool to know that out of 7 billion people out there some are just like you.