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I'm getting a pair of lovely 36 Cs. Can't wait
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Try actually having DDs. The real deal. As someone with back pain if I don't wear a good bra, I can tell you I wish I was back to a C cup. My short frame can't handle the weight. I am attempting to lose weight just to see what I can do without breast reduction surgery. Trust me-- bigger is not always better.

Did they show up yet, tell us how they feel on you. Personally just love mine that wonderful weight and the feel of them is great for me but need to know how well you like them.

My bras look so much better with them. I look and feel so fem wearing them

Good love mine also makes me so fem

Working on my curved


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Always wanted to get some, but now I'm working on developing my own. Having a blast doing it!

Have you decided what you want to order?

congrats hun ive been looking too any suggestions?

Breast forms feel so good when I walk around and can feel them "bounce"

Just like a woman

Ah, but real ones feel even better. How do I know? Well I wore breast forms until I grew my own.

I guess real is better

Definitely ...

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