And DO wear them. I enjoy wearing bras, I find them both comforting and exciting, and naturally want something to fill the cups.

When I was younger, socks were all I had to work with. They neither looked nor felt right, but at least it was something.

About a year and a half ago, I ordered my first forms. A-cups (for my band size) and felt nice.

When I had a little more money to invest, I moved up to B/C sized ones. The realistic weight, feel, and look was amazing.

Now I've gotten the urge to go even bigger, and ordered some DD's earlier this week. They arrived and they're absolutely massive while also quite heavy, but dammit if I'm not in love with them. I ordered a few larger sized bras to accommodate them, but those haven't arrived yet. I'm making do with my older bras but can't wait to have something that actually fits them.

Long story short, I'd HIGHLY recommend forms to any male wanting to experience what it's like to have realistic breasts. The most expensive ones I have are the DD's, which ran me about $60 on Amazon, so it's not too steep of an investment either.
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It took me a long time to justify the expense. I paid $170 for my 36D forms. I can tell you the expense was well worth it. To see breasts and nipples under my lingerie makes my experiences much more exciting and I feel more feminine. Now I never dress without putting on a bra and my forms first.

I love my breast forms too!

Sounds like fun would love to try them some day

I love my forms, too! I have a Size 8 (DD) set fro when I want to make a big statement and another size 6 that I wear everyday for underdressing under my male clothes. Anymore, I just don't feel right until I have strapped on my bra and inserted my forms! It is just so feminine and I LOVE IT!!!

I know what you mean. I feel really comforted and excited whenever I've got one on. Can't really explain it, but it just feels right.