Gay Or What

I am totally straight but I have a tremendous attraction to the male penis. Especially uncut ones. I don't know what it is but, for some reason I would live to play with one for hours. I'm cut and for some reason I feel I've been ****** over. Should parents be free to cut our dicks or should it be left to the man when he is old enough to decide.
Kirkamundo Kirkamundo
51-55, M
1 Response Sep 14, 2012

A recent court case in Germany has declared that infant circumcision is a form of child abuse and is therefore illegal except if there is a compelling medical reason (e.g., phimosis).

I'm uncut and would love for you to play with my ****!

How long is your ****? And does your foreskin still cover it when erect?

Not very long, about 5.5 in. And yes, my foreskin covers it even when erect.

Sounds delicious would love to see it sometime