When I Got Comfortable

I have played with other peoples ***** for many years
I never put a label on my activities
I always thought of myself as straight
Now I know that while I have not emotional attachment to men, I do not look at a guy and say I wonder what his **** looks like nor do I want to be close to a man

I do like to look at **** pictures
I do like to watch **** of *****, mutual he and ********
I do not like looking at anal
I do not like to look at kissing

Therefore I am bisexual in my desire to look, touch, rub and suck a ****

I am comfortable with that as well
dwight47 dwight47
61-65, M
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

I think that actually makes you straight - horny and open minded -- but straight. Bisexual to me is someone who would have an emotional connection to a guy.

Or maybe I'm bisexual (bi-curious) too.

I saw this group and wrote a story
Like you, I do not really think of myself as bi-sexual
I am not into men but I do enjoy looking at and playing with *****
I don't care about the label