From Sraight Jock To Bisexual

I had been married for five years and my wife and I started swinging. I had always been comfortable around naked men but the thought of sexual activity between me and another dude was gross. While swinging I learned to enjoy watching my wife with other guys. One night while we were watching ****, during a reverse cowgirl scene I all of the sudden got the urge to suck a ****. After months of fantaszing I told my wife who had been experimenting with her own bisexuality. She was shocked!! While she did not want to see me with another guy, she said I could try it on my own. I went to anXXX theater that we would go to to have sex while guys watched. I wasn't there 20 seconds when I was asked by some guy. I told him it was my first time. He put his hand in his parts and once I felt a **** in my hands for the first time, I knew what I wanted. He took off his pants and I sucked for a while. Once I had one in my mouth, I loved it. I have had very few male on male experiences from then until about 9 months ago. My GF wanted to see how kinky I was so I took her back to that same theater and told her I wanted to see her covered in ***. While I thought she's want to go home, she dove right in. She was sitting on my **** while she had about 6 in her face. I wanted to suck one so bad but I was too afraid she would be grossed out. Finally I couldn't take it and while she was sucking on a guy, I asked if she wanted help! Hell yeah she said! We have fun with my newly found bisexuality and I'm lucky to have a great girl that is turned on by it!
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Lucky you....