First Time

I was 23 when I had my first bisexual experience, was at a friends house for a football game, there was probably 12 of us there watching, drinking and talking. Someone brought a magazine, hustler I think that showed 2 guys and a girl, I commented on the size of one of the guys and "Mike" said just what size do you think you could suck? Maybe 7 inches I think, he just kinda smiled and I thought that was that, well later on the night he said to me I may not be 7 inches but you'd like it. He must of saw the surprise in my pants as I got hard in a instant. As I tried to hide my hard-on he said, don't worry about it, as he showed me his bulge in his pants. We made a date to get together a couple of days later at nhis place, as I dropped my pants for him he saw my red satin panties on, he slid his hand inside of them and it didn't take long I shot my load all over his hand and inside my panties. I sucked him afterwards and when he came, I gagged until I spit it all out of my mouth. That was the last time I gagged and it wasn't the last time we got together.

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Wow a hot story my first time was when i was 17 with a friend we did not go that far but we jerked off each other, yes he was 7" or more

I like the tasre and feel of a mans *** in my mouth, I don't gag but I have a hard time swallowing his ***

I learned about *********** in a booth where I frequently dropped by one to jack off on my way home from work. I’d been divorced a few years and discovered the place when I was too tired to go out ***** hunting. The first time I saw a finger through the hole I knew what to do. Anonymous, no foreplay, no commitment and satisfaction.

One day my **** was through the hole and I was about to *** when he pulled away. I looked at the hole and saw his **** sticking through about six inches.

I’d often wondered what it felt like to suck a **** and now I could try it and nobody would know. I licked it a few times feeling the silky skin and spongy texture. That wasn’t bad so I sucked the head between my lips. I knew what I liked and did that to the **** in my mouth.

He must have liked it, too. I heard him moaning through the thin wall and he hunched his **** to **** my mouth. I could tell he was about to *** and wondered what it would feel like and taste like.

I didn’t get to find out. He pulled out and put a finger through the hole beckoning for my ****. I obliged and *** a few minutes later. I waited to see if his **** would re-appear so I could finish my first *******. Instead I heard his door open and close. I put a few more coins in the slot and waited for a half hour but no more ***** came through the hole.

I liked the feeling of his **** in my mouth and was disappointed I hadn't made him ***.

I was about sixteen when I first discovered the glory hole. I was scared of it at first, just wanted to see the ****. That eye looking at me through the hole seemed to stimulate me. I figured out later that I also liked being watched. I visited different bookstores over the years and got the nerve up, eventually, to stick it through the hole. Holy Cow! that was fantastic. I came so hard that I almost couldn't stand. Went to adult cinema and liked to pull my **** out and watch the interest from other guys. Then a trip to the men's room to pee would always end with a hand job or blow job. With the internet I have grown to love ***********. All types of ****. Now, I accept the fact that I am bisexual. I have yet to have anal intercourse, but the feel of oral sex is very stimulating. I had an experience with a she male with the chance to get rear end, but lost the stiffness needed. I am willing to try again. <br />
Now with all that said, No one on this planet loves to taste the sweet moistness of a woman, more than me. I would choose hetro over homo, bisex is the best of both worlds. I hope to combine the two one day!

i just had my first experience with another man. I had to try it after years of fantasizing about it. We met online and he ended up living really close to my job....he was older which added to my "daddy" fantasy. im 32 and he was 52. I knocked on his door after nervously driving to his house. We locked eyes and he invited me in. He liked what he saw and I liked his strong fr<x>ame and confidence to guide me away from my nerves...after a bit we undressed and he had his strong hands all over my body...he wore cotton briefs but let me just say his tool was large. when he dropped the underwear i gripped his manhood and we kissed for a long time...he sat me on his bed and stood in front so i could taste a man for the first time....i nearly choked on it as it pressed into my throat...i spit all over it and by now it was the horniest I had been in a long time...we got into the sixty nine position and wow did he work my tool like a champ....I was deep in his mouth when i came with a force...but as i pumped my cream into his mouth i kept working my magic on him and within a couple of minutes i was gulping down large wads of his load and i truly liked it....

Sounds great and much like my first time too after waiting more than 45 years!!!looking forward to another time too

That's a sexy story.

I suck my first BBC at 18 when a blackman in his 40's asked me for a light on the street. After and eyeing me up and down he invited me for a drink at a bar.After closing we went to his apartment. didn't take long before this skinny 18 year boy and his 40 year old man were both naked in in bed. I had never suck a **** and wanted to find out all about blackcocks so when he got me in 69 position I placed the head of his **** in my mouth and started sucking both being drunk we both fell asleep it wasn't my last **** sucking.

I'm very bummed out that I didn't have regular oral with a friend or two. My best friend growing up was never my type, but I'm positive he would have been into getting head from me. Not my type, but a **** when I wanted it. I was too worried about someone finding out to actually approach him about it. Whenever we looked at **** mags together, be had a comment about big ****. I spent the night at his house as a teen and he had the idea to sleep naked. We did, but nothing happened. I should have made my move that night. I would love a chance to go back in time. I'd suck his **** and let him *** in my mouth.<br />
I've heard recently that guys from school were into sucking **** back then. If only I knew at the time.

My wife uses a ***** on me and I go wild. She is always asking me if I am Bi and I say no. I would love to try it with her watching but I am afraid she will trip.

If you go wild while she puts a ***** in your ***, I doubt she'll trip.

i start at 10stop at 20 child hood is amaizing 2 dicover sex but it denger 2 learn the worng way i do it but iam hit this time coz i was do sex with cockes

I think its just being comfortable with your self.My wife knew my fantasy and we did it together.It made us closer and I enjoyed watching her with him as much as he and I enjoyed each other. Doing oral on her after he was done in her drove her wild

I was kinda slow at the age of 14 and a girl friends 18yr old brother had shown me about ************. I'd ********** him while he did the same for me. This did raise my curiosity about other things but didn't go for it. Then one day as we were indulging our selves he twisted me arm and pushed me into a bedroom onto the bedand shoved his **** in my ***. It was painfull at first but there after I started to get into it, but in a manly maner I ordered him off. That was in 1964 and have ever since wanted to experiance a discret moment like that again, but don't know how to start. I've had over 50 women, married now and youthful in apperence. In Colorado. Anyone interested

i had a few like those it started with a gay bar and a cross dresser and getting a bj there was alwas rubbing but not for a while when i met this guy and he rocked my world it was great the kissing his xxxxxx in my mouth the way he made love to me mmmmmm

The first time I had a man was just about 6months ago.<br />
I have been bi- curious for years, longer then I've been married.<br />
About 8 years ago after my wife had been playing with me anal, she asked me, do you like the way it feels when I use the toys on you?<br />
I thought well nows your chance, I said yes, my wife is very open minded, but I didn't think this was going to go over well.<br />
<br />
She then asked, have you ever thought what it would be like for real. boom!!!!! theres the open door. I told her that I would like to experiment with another guy.As I waited for the bomb to drop I hear this, well if your sure you want to go for it, just a few things.<br />
<br />
Be safe !!, don't let yourself get hurt. if the feelings get more then sexual tell me and we can still work thru them. and Always tell me before your goinmg to be with a guy<br />
<br />
Now how can I not have a great life !!!

Mick your not unique there are a lot of men out here that feel the same way about other men. Sex with a man would be fun and exciting but I would never give up on the ladies. Love the way they think, move, look, smell, taste and every thing about them. Just curious about sex with a man and that's it...

I had my first bi sexual experience when I was 13 and continued it until I was 17. I haven't done anything since abd regret it a little, or I should say my youth was great!

I've read all of these comments, I'm about as hetro as they come. I walk into a room and my eyes don't look at any man in the room. Instead I look and assess all the women. I'm not a stalker or strange just love sex! I've never been with a man but have fantasies about being seduced by one or 2. However I think they are just fantasies. I've though of a ********* with 1 guy and 1 girl, the though really turns me on, I can't stand the thought of me and the other guy taking turns, instead I really want to experience everything with both parties. BUT does this make me BI sexual?? So hard to explain but I'd love some advice or to know if I'm unique??

joesdog: do I answer honestly? well, when we make love to a woman, we kiss her, lick her and **** her. So then, if you are with a man, sucking him, licking hime, kissing him and letting him **** you in the *** with his big thick **** deep in your ***, then one or both are in some way similar to the female..right?<br />
<br />
I hope I understood your question and given an answer that is clear.

Henrey - nope. If you're not gay now, you won't be gay after you indulge your curiosity either. If, however, you're actually gay and just in denial, it may clarify what you're meant to be.<br />
<br />
Now it's your turn to answer a question I've been dying to ask a guy like you: How is it that engaging in male homosexual activity, which is perhaps the purest ex<x>pression of masculinity possible, being that no female anything is involved, could make you less masculine? If you're confused at this point. let me help you out - IT CAN'T. Masculinity is an internal characteristic - nothing so superficial as who you go to bed with effects it in any way. The only way for you to "lose your masculinity" is for you to give it away, and no one has asked you to do that.

It is all just fantasy to me, as I have not experienced sex with a man. I am curious and have been curious for a few years, but in real I guess that I am scared of what may happen to me personality wise and wheather that will change me into something that is less than a man. I don't want to turn gay, but won't the sexual experiece with a man make you want more? And if so, won't it lead to eventually becoming gay?


At my first time, he did all the work, and years later I wanted to find our what it was like, so I did a friend and I was hooked.

That's hot :-) I love bisexual boys

Nice story...almost the way it started for me as well