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I have had the feeling that I am that way inclined for a good number of years and have had the opportunity to explore these feelings on one or two occasions, but always chickened out.

What I would love is to already be loosened up with a few drinks and have the chance. Really I would like to be coerced into a situation that I couldn’t back out of. Most of my fantasies revolve around being subdued in some way and forced to co-operate and appear to do things against my will. Of course my hardness would tell the true story. I love the idea of being forced to suck and having my anus stretched and opened gradually before my virginity is taken. I also love the idea of being forced to wear women’s underwear, being tied and helpless, generally feminised and forced to kiss a man before and during sex.

I also like the idea of anonymity of glory holes and sucking someone I can’t see and vise versa.

I really don’t know how to go about ‘allowing’ this to happen though. I have no access to a computer other than at work where most sites dealing with such things are firewalled by the company. I live in Aberdeen and have no idea where there are any glory holes or like minded people meet.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas that might help me 'out'?

buntinbee buntinbee
41-45, M
4 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Love the glory hole. Go to a book store that sells rush, Take the bottle into the booth with you and open it. Wait untill the booth next to you is occupied. Watch through the hole and watch the guy unzip his pants and pull out his member and start to stroke it. Now open your bottle of rush and take a sniff. The rest will *** so easy. I've been doing this for years. It really taste good. Sometimes i back up to the hole and get some that way, and i still love sniffing panties too. Dont wait to long to enjoy your self. Fulfil your fantasys

I would love to help you out if you were near Berkeley.

i first came out when i was stoned as ****

Unfortunately I dont have any suggestions for you, but I hope you get what you want. Life is too short to keep denying yourself.