I Would Make A Perfect Male Housewife But Must Settle For Being A Male House Maid.

i serve as maid for my Owner, Mistress Ana, whose home i visit at least once a week to carry out domestic duties like laundry, ironing, cleaning, cooking and so on and must always be dressed "en femme". i have a maid uniform which i wear occasionally but often i dress simply as a woman because Mistress may often decide that we should go out to lunch or go shopping.  So the maid uniform, as much as i adore it, is not necessary for the function i serve when i visit.  Mistress has a daughter, 30yo and single who, up until recently, shared Mistress' house.  So, i also had to serve Her which meant cleaning Her room, bathroom and washing and ironing Her clothes plus running any other errands She might decide She wanted me to do.  She has now moved into Her own house along with a house mate, another single girl of the same age.  She has also commissioned my services as a house maid.  Fortunately She lives very close to Her mother so i should be able to serve both on the same day.
i love being dressed as a woman and particularly as a maid and doing housework does not phase me at all.  i am sure i would make someone a perfect male housewife but for the time being at least must settle for being a male house maid.
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You should inform your Mistresses of your wishes hun. xox

My neighbourlady makes me do the laundry of her and her 3daughter's clothes, cleaning home etc.
I am made to wear panties and at the end of works she inspects my works and gives me spanking for each mistake.
But at end she takes her ***** and ***** by butt.

I could help you. Two maids are better than one!