I Wear My Wife Saree 2

hi tis is harish .i think tat you read ma first story .now in ma house i'm wife and she is my husband.now a days she is not wearing sarees me only wearing sarees .she is wearing only shirt and pants my mother in law also encourage that only mmmm i forget to tell about my breast it become too large even after wearing bra also it freeely moving in the air i cant wear my shirts my hairs are combed by my mother in law now it nearly touching the ground i mostly wear only ponytail but my mother in law sclod me to comb my hair in bride and to wear flower on it my wife cut her hair as male to be continued.........
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Nice story Iam also cd will u be my frnd

beauty hair

life must b going great

good life

i m cd and fasinating about long hair...
u pls help me ..what care should i take for my hair....how it feels to have long hair combed by lady and braided...fantastic...i would love to meet u...i want braided plait like u

A fantastic story.
please post further stories as my curiosity is increasing to know further about your femalehood.

you become woman i welcome

hai harishnee ! contunue tell more about your journey .

right. I like the narration. continue

harish super story.you r not harish u r haripriya.crazy sexy

hi sister<br />
<br />
please complete your story fast. nice story

quite interesting.

good wonderful journey enjoy it ,.......