I Loves To Wear Saree Blouse

I loves wearing saree blouse, it gives me lot of happiness. I had started wearing saree blouse when i was in my 9th standard, luckly nobody knows i use to wear such dress. One day there was power cut in my area that time my mind forced me to wear saree blouse in the dark i search my sister dress that time she was not married so she was not using sarees, but she had two three ghagra cholis in almarah, i open it and i wore it i thought nobody around me at that time but suddenly my sister saw me wearing ghagra than she started laughing than i told her by mistaken i wore it bcoz here it is so dark but she kept laughing. After that incident she use to tease me like you was looking so good in that ghagra. One day there was festival so i was telling my mom to give money for buying new clothes but my sister suddenly got & said why don’t you buy saree blouse it looks nice on you than i told give your saree blouse than she immediately open alma rah & given me saree blouse & told wear it now(she keep laughing). We use to stay in a joint family with our uncle & aunt, my aunt always wear sarees (nice looking) so when ever she got out for any functions or any festivals in her new saree blouse i use to watch her very interestingly(tempting to wear saree if i see her) than i wait for her to come back, as soon as she come back in late evening or late night i’ll attempt to steal her saree blouse once she remove them than i wear it for three to four hours as one room was separate in our home some time i use to sleep there. So like this i had wore more than 100 sarees of my relatives (sister,aunt,bhabi & ect ect) it give really immense feeling in saree blouse never felt bore to remove them.  
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1 Response Mar 29, 2012

good to wear saree.
it is good have like this in at list once in year,
i am male, i love to wear saree ++ daily at home, inside in my room only