How I Have Become

Hi all

I am 30 year old happy married man with a kid a lovely little daughter , i always liked to dress up like a girls since i was 14 year old i always felt that i was made to be a girl , i use to get dressed when no was around using my sister's clothes and when i got married
one day i expressed my desire of getting dressed a girl and it came as a surprise that ever my wife wanted me to be one .

After that when ever i get chance i get dressed up as girl in front of her , she has asked me to be as girl for him when ever i am at home
but these days due to lot of money issues i am staying out of home a lot doing regular job and trying to find solutions to my financial problems i hope that one day some one will generous enough to help and help me realize my dream

helenbrodie helenbrodie
26-30, F
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