My First Crossdressing

I was 18. I first cd when i was at 13. I was alone ,at that time my parents were out for a marriage. I was in home because i had class at that time. I was watching tv. I see a crossdress movie. Thus i had an idea to wear my moms saree. I get to my moms bedroom and i saw my moms saree,blouse,bra and petticoat. I removed my male dress and first wear the petticoat then the bra i felt difficult after sometime i succeeded in wearing that. then i wear the blouse it was tight but i like that feeling. Then i try to wear the saree i tried it for many time but finally i tied but it was not so clear.but i liked that. At that night i sleep in that dress. I wake around 2.00 and i decided to went outside. I slowly opened the door and i walked a few steps in the street. Then i came in and i again went to sleep. Then i wake in morning and get freshed and i changed my dress and go to school. After coming my parents were there. From that day when i was alone in house i used to wear my moms saree. And now i am expert in wearing saree. Now i am in an hostel so that i have no time for crossdress.but when i am home i used to wear my moms bra under my dress.

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hi i am jani try and try one day you were be a perfect crossdresser and enjoy yourself....

nice story

Nice story

Just like that you can wear dresses anytime under your male dresses. no body suspects.

even in hostel you can wear saree when u are in happy in crossdress means why wearing that shirt and pant.when friends seeing u in saree they will be excited