Like To Were Saree Always

One day i told my wife i want to were your saree .she was shoked but after few request she dress me in saree ilook very beautiful in her i also have pears my nose .i told her and she was very impress .one day there was no one at home i told here i want to dress as bride .so we went to market brought some gajras as i use to keep long hair. That night she dress me her marrage saree were 20 bangles in both hands were heavy earings put nose ring she comb my hair an make a pony wher she pin up the gujra she were her heavy payal an jodvi which is sign of married womem.i look so beautiful that she take some photo in her mobile.i was very much happy that day.from that day i regulary were saree at night. I have already pears my ear but like to pears more which i will do in next few days
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i like to be u but no chance. how i am allowed to wear saree secretly

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let your wife dress as the bridegroom . then you can enjoy honeymoon with you in the female role and she in the male role.

dear sister it is not real story it is your fantancy

if she lets you then its ok. Keep in mind of her