Rock And... Holy Crap!

When people think of a rock band they probably think of some major act like Queen, ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, U2, REM, etc, or their local garage bands made of by high-school kids from the neighborhood. In the in between stages lies pretty much every other band, and that's where the real adventure lies. Never a dull day goes by where we aren't trying to figure out how to make music make money, book shows, release CDs, and generally make ends meet. All of that is overshadowed by a general sense of disfunction -- it seems to me that to be in a rock band you either need to be completely inept at everything except some part of what you do on stage (but you can be inept at that, too), completely irrational, or both. Of course, there are those who seem fairly normal, but time and again I've found that eventually something hilariously atypical surfaces just when you need a break from the doldrums of chasing success. At least we aren't bored!
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2 Responses Jul 16, 2007

Ha! Yes, at least we aren't bored. I could never do a normal office job without hating life.

I thought a rock band was 3 geeks pouring over their ignius collection! Who knew! =}