Musicians are a special breed of people, so is the team behind them. The job is quite insane to say the least, but doesn't really feel like a job- not because it isn't hard work! I'd like to think it is one of the harder jobs out there. No we aren't doing brain surgery, but we are in a sense doing our own operations on a collective brain of people. We have to dissect the scene, the people in it, what they like, what they want. We have to come up with a way to cater to that while expressing ourselves and putting our own flair on things. We have to help build this community of music lovers and concert goers and record buyers (who are sometimes hard to find and harder to please)- evolving them and bringing them something new while respecting and noting the past.
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2 Responses Jul 16, 2007

It's very hard work. The tedious day-to-day chores often weed out the fame ****** and leave the real people to do the majority of the behind the scenes work. In the end it's all worth it when a show comes together exactly how you envisioned it though.

Of course! I always am looking for new ties and ways to work together. I am working slowly but surely on a project dealing with networking within the indie rock scene to make money for these guys! I'll tell you more about it!