I Have Differing Reasons...

Generally, I manipulate them to teach them a lesson and show them how awful they're being. I also have a habit of orchestrating multiple people to show said manipulator 'the error of their ways'.

Sometimes it's aimed at people who aren't necessarily extreme manipulators or overly bad ones but are bad people in other areas. I do so to lead them into a situation whereby they realize I have been manipulating them and they then realize I'm better at it than them and the domino effect that ensues brings them well down from their high horse.
Lifaen Lifaen
18-21, M
1 Response Jul 15, 2010

i was a manipulator when i was a kid ^^, i manipulated my aunt's sorry feeling for a sick girl who didn't like to have her spoon of bitter medicine... hehe so i was kind of realizing when people tried to manipulate me for, well not everything, some of things.. like at the office environment, when people see you as a helpful person, some of them will try to have u do many things for them lol