Marijuana Has Been Proven To Alleviate And Even Cure Some Ailments

Asthma - believe it or not, folks back in the olden days used Marijuana to help with breathing problems.  My uncle is proof of that.  GrandMa and her mother would give him Asthma to help out with his attacks.  He only had it for a couple of months his entire life. 

Sleep Disorders - pre-diagnosed bipolar me would have bouts of insomnia.  i would smoke a blunt and get some sleep. 

It is a known antioxidant which means that it fights free radicals in the body.  That's why cancer patients get to smoke it.  If administered before the cancer gets too big and spreads, it can cure it. 

In AIDS patients, it helps reduce the nausea, loss of appetite, and vomiting in them.  They feel better overall.

Eye problems - all sorts, helps to heal them.

Epilepsy, MS, etc - helps with the muscle spasms.


God made weed, but man makes drugs.  I trust God.

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Feb 3, 2010