I Am Married

My wife lays here after a stroke, her 3rd one. she can't talk she can moan. and my wife was never a moaner. she was a very sexual woman all our married life. very beautiful woman. loved life.
Now i feed her dress her change her diapers. i am her care giver she would want that. at night i cuddle up to her and hold her it helps her sleeps. She would always hold me.
As for making love, she was always jumping on me anytime we could. So i know she still wants and her moans now (use to be grunts and cussing) lets me know she likes the touching. i miss her riding me making love. i touch her still like she likes. i lay in her arms sucking her breasts as we sleep. she always loved this. oh i did and still do.
I am lonely not having anyone to talk with or share my experieces with.
well this is my story and my life at the moment.
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6 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Sorry for your loss!

All the best bud
I'm here if you ever just need a chat

thank you heythereep. your very kind

Oh my! tears rolling down my cheeks as I read your sad but also so tender words. You show your deep unconditional love for your wife through the care and affection you shower upon her. With greatest respect... Wishing you both many tender special moments together.

thank you hishope. you are very kind. and please no tears. i do everything with a smile. need to to get on in life.

My friend, I am so very sad to hear about your wife's strokes!!!! I admire you so much for being so tender and loving to her, because you know she knows what is going on, and it must be so very frustrating for her to not express herself!!!! You are certainly an angel sent from up above for her!!!!! Please keep up the wonderful work!!!!! :)

Sounds like you two have a great marriage!

I would not change a thing