I Am 28 Years Old , Well Settled And Good Looking Indian Girl, I Need A Decent Guy For Moc

I am not a lesbian,I am straight, but need a nice guy just to cover up infront of society as my family is against my boyfriend.

If you are gay but can act straight infront of people, wud b great.You need to be fro good family and good looking. This arrangement will not be forever, its going to be temporary,But if you need any help, I will do so.I am currently in India. I will later move to UK.

Let me know if anyone is in similar situation like mine.I am very cooperative.
ady4u ady4u
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are you still looking?

Where are you now?

I am 34 yo hindu male in US. I am gay. Please email me at sd_us@yahoo.com and lets see if we can work out something together.

Hi,I have mentioned I am not lesbian.I am straight.I am doing it as my family won't agree fr my boyfren.temme bit bout ur backgroundn n read my entire story again.Thanks

hi i am gay looking for lesbian...i have no prob that later u will move...pls reply

Hey, if you are still looking email me at aneeshachopra@yahoo.com

If you cannot do anything then pray for me .For all those who read my story i thank you from bottom of my heart and I pray for all of you as well. May we shall conquer love and defeat hatred forever and ever from this planet.

you can be from any region and religion.I never thought i would do this but I am doing it all for my Love .Love for both my Man and my Family.

Hope you find your MOC partner. God Bless and Best wishes,