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First of all, the stick thing is false, I can prove it because I was raised in a Muslim family. I have LEARNED the Sharia law and its many interpretations. that stick thing was followed in medieval Europe. NOT in Islam. In Islam, only light spankings are allowed. you cannot hit your wives or kids so hard that they get scars. also, the whole rape thing is because if Sharia law was properly followed, women wouldn't be out in public alone. they would have the witnesses with them because that's the law. that law was made because back in the day, that was the custom and it still is in most middle eastern nations. women rarely ever go out alone. also, in those days you couldn't prove rape without eye witnesses. they had no such thing as a rape kit. now all thanks to science you don't need the witnesses anymore because there are other ways you can prove you got raped. the whole you must marry someone of the same faith thing exists only because most people forget that differences in faith can and do cause turbulences in marriage. my christian teacher once told me she'd never marry outside her faith because she'd want to raise her kids to believe in Jesus and the Bible and what if her partner didn't allow that? people don't think of these things before getting married. they do actually create problems. i had an atheist friend who married a christian woman and they ended up getting a divorce because of their differences in their beliefs. these words look like they are spoken by a person who's never actually bothered to talk to Muslim scholars, live amongst Muslims in a Muslim community, visit or live in a Muslim nation or even try to have an open mind about the Islamic faith in general.

so what will a REAL marriage with a Muslim man and or woman be like? well if they are religious, like my uncle, it will be like a traditional marriage. however, contemporary marriages don't go against the teachings of Islam either. most people forget that our prophets first wife was a business woman, another one of his wives was a warrior who actually led an army. all the powerful women in Islamic history were not portrayed as abused housewives. they were leaders in their community, hardworking, outspoken women. how do I know this? I grew up hearing stories about them. my mum read them to me every night before I went to bed. I can actually tell you a lot about the role of powerful women in Islam. the battle of Karbala wouldn't have been won if it weren't for the women. the Prophet (PBUH) had so much respect for his daughter that he literally stood up every time she entered the room. one of the most righteous and pious men in Islamic history, one thousands look up to even today, said "the best among you is he who treats his women well" (Ali Ibn Abi Talib).

in the Qur'an, it literally says its not a woman's job to do the housework. There are rules in marriage. For example, the couple has to have sex once every 4 months at least (unless there is a valid reason). a woman can NOT be forced to get married to a man she doesn't like. female genital mutilation is actually forbidden by Islam and banned in most Muslim countries (and please don't bring up African nations, I had an African "Muslim" friend who didn't even know what Halal was. I am not saying ALL Africans are bad Muslims. I am just saying its foolish to base an entire religions teaching on how a particular religion is practiced in one part of the world when 98% of the rest of the population disagree with their teachings, in other words, most Muslims condemn what's become of Islam in Africa).

I can go on for days, but really, what I am trying to tell you is that Muslims are like normal people. There are some nutcases amongst us, just like how there are nutcases present everywhere in all parts of the world...but it is awfully wrong to base an entire religion's teachings on the actions of a misguided few and use heavily BIASED sources to provide faulty arguments.

Also, I need to add that I do not believe in Zakir Naik & his teachings & do  not follow Sahih Muslim, Sahih Bukhari or wahabbism. If you are going to counter my argument, please make sure you are not referencing any of the sources above.

sincerely, proud Muslim chica :)
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It doesn't help any that American media is only interested in putting out there what both will get ratings and what the government tells them to put out there. So that puts educating oneself on the person himself to find credible sources of information. But with what we are constantly bombarded with day in and day out it becomes difficult to find good information while weeding through the bad. And until ALL the world leaders want peace they are going to keep promoting whatever they can to keep tensions and ignorance as high as possible.


the rotten apples ruin every group.