My Husband Only Knows So Much...

I am in my 40's and still turn heads.  When I met my husband, he knew I had a few encounters with other women, but it was a very rare experience in our relationship.  You know, the occasional celebration.

What he doesn't know is that my best friend and I play once a month or so.  I know he'd love to hear about it, but I want something all my own occasionally.

When "Steph" and I first met, we had kids in the same grade at school.  She was funny and always helpful.   Soon we became good friends and would get coffee after droppping the kids off or go shopping.

When springtime hit, we had decided to sit by my pool.  I stayed conservative the first few times.  I'd wear a fairly moderate bikini and so would she.  I wasn't wanting to offend her as I prefer to sunbathe nude.

Our discussions got more intimate over the next few weeks and we started discussing our pasts, sex and everything else.  ONe day, she asked me if I usually went nude and I told her yes, but how did she know.  She said she could never see any lines and wanted to know if she could go nude too.  I thought "why not" and we both started sunning nude.

This went on for a couple more weeks until there was a "moment."  A moment we both knew we wanted the other.  I was oiling her back and she asked if I would like to play.  Needless to say, we had a great afternoon.  What fun.  NO strings attached.  No guilt.  NO attachment (guys do that).

We decided that an occasional "girl time" was completely in order and make it happen about once a month.


I know my husband wants her.  She's on his "5 list" and I know her husband wants me.  He flat out admitted he's fantasized about me in hopes I was game.  Maybe, someday, we'll swap or do a foursome.  Until then, it's our secret.

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This is only from my point of view ,<br />
I'm not BI , my wife is....if I get me a little some (with a woman) behind her back, isn't that cheating?That would be the same for my wife...if she was getting some behind my back , that would be doesn't matter if she is with a woman or a man.

I'm glad you're getting U time. It's a very important factor in every relationship.

I hope the boys get there chance someday

Not a chance, sorry.

If boys are bi too, there will be fun !