"Hope you are ready to fight in court to get anything"
"You're crazy, I will make sure you never see the kids again"
" You are such a loser"
"Tell them (the kids) you don't want their mommy and daddy to be together anymore"
"I'm not agreeing to any custody , the kids are mine"

All of these hurtful words from the person I used to love. Meant to break me. Meant to make me give in and continue on living miserably. I will not break. I will no longer be your doormat. I will stand up and fight for myself and my children. We are no longer your possession.
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2 Responses Aug 26, 2014

YES .. you are doing the right thing. Stand up and show this world what is your worth . You are honoring the god within. He will help you through difficult times. And will bring you times of beauty and wonderment.

I have found that a--- holes like this have most probably have had an abusive childhood and/or enjoy inflicting grief and sorrow on anyone they come into contact with I don't know which part of the world you live but here in the u k the woman in 99.5% of divorce cases involving the custardy of children the mother get them and the partner as weekly visits