Marrying Your Cuban Love

Just wanted to share my recent & ongoing experience with marrying my Cuban husband, in Cuba, this past February 2010.  I hope my story will help other Canadian citizens who might be looking for some information about getting married to their Cuban love.  Below is a brief outline of how our experience unfolded, as well as some of the paperwork or documents that were needed to get married to a Cuban.

1.  Deciding to get married:

Figuring out whether getting married would work out for us was a pretty emotional thing.  My husband has a lot of family and friends in Cuba and isn't desperately trying to get out of the country, and my family and friends naturally thought that I didn't know what I was getting into.  There were a lot of tough moments when we really had to consider how much we meant to eachother.  Once it was decided, it was understood that my husband and I would live together in Canada to build our family for obvious reasons.  We agreed that we would get married in Cuba and so began the plans.

My husband decided to get the following things in advance so that I could take them back with me to start the paperwork: a Cuban passport, (approx $50-80 CUC), single status affidavit, police record check ($50 CUC). 

2.  Getting married in Cuba:

Since I'm a Canadian citizen, there were a few documents that I needed to get for the wedding.  I'm also Catholic, so it was really important for me to get married in a Church, so I needed some additional paperwork.  Therefore, we got married in the Notario and in the Church.  Below is a list of the documents I needed and brought with me:

a.  Notary Marriage documents (if you're not getting married in Church, you'll just need these):  Single Status Affidavit (you can find some templates online - notarized 1st by a Canadian Notary, then translated and notarized by the Cuban consulate in Toronto), Birth Certificate (copy notarized 1st by a Canadian Notary, then translated and notarized by the Cuban consulate in Toronto).  It costs about 20-50$ to notarize a document, and about 80-100$ to translate and notarize those documents at the Cuban consulate.

b.  Church Wedding documents:  Baptismal Certificate (notarized 1st by a Canadian Notary, then translated and notarized by the Cuban consulate in Toronto), 'Expediente Matrimonial' (the priest insisted that I needed this "internationally known document" - which I didn't have at the time - however I just called my Church to have the priest fax a letter stating that I am a parishoner and free to marry...but if you can get this document beforehand it will be necessary), Copy of Marriage Class completion (not translated or notarized...did this solo. totally not worth the $.  think they would have married us without this)

In order to speed up the document process, you can pay extra so that you can get your Marriage Certificate on the spot.  The total cost of the Notario wedding - including making sure that we got the certificate promptly - was approximately 624 CUC.  Doing this allowed me to start working on the paperwork for my husband's Permanent Residence application as soon as I got back to Canada.

2.  After the wedding & filling out the Sponsorship and Permanent Resident applications:

In order to complete the applications, my husband needed to do the following:  a.  Go to Havana to get a certified Medical Check (if you pay $20-25 CUC, you can get them to fill the form and return it to you that day, otherwise, it would take some time to get the paper back). b.  complete the Application for Permanent Residence & additiona documents (complete listing can be found on the Canadian Immigration website - you would be looking to sponsor someone as a Family Class/Spouse).  c.  Sign the paperwork (I just brought a few rough copies for the application and got my husband to sign the Sponship Agreement form, and his application forms before I came back to Canada so that I had his signature. d.  Get 8 passport pictures & photocopy his id.  e.  there are a few other things that can be found on the Canadian Immigration website listing of documents.

For his application, I needed the original copy of his birth certificate, and I had to submit also the original copy of our marriage certificate (both to be returned to us once the application is complete).  The application asked a lot of personal details from my husband regarding his past addresses, educational history, work history, and life timeline.  It also asked for both of us to write a letter about why we want to be together and how we keep the relationship going even though we are appart.  So it's a very good idea to take lots of group pictures, keep your tickets, receipts, letters, cards, or anything that can help to reinforce what you write.  If you have phone bills they also ask for copies of such things.

3.  After submitting the application...

It costs about 650-675$ CAD to submit the complete applications.  It was estimated that it should take about 1-2 months before I would receive a letter from Canadian Immigration confirming that I am approved to be a sponsor.  After that the papers are sent to Cuba where they are reviewed.  This can take anywhere between 4-12 months (or more) depending on any additional information they require in Cuba.  My husband has told me that some of his friends (who have already been accpted to come to Canada) have had interviews in Cuba regarding their application.  We'll see how that works out. 

Currently we're waiting for the application to be reviewed by Cuba.  Hope to be updating soon on the progress :)

CayoCoco CayoCoco
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Sorry my email is

To CayoCoco,
Its now 2014, and I am very curious how are you and your Cuban husband doing? Did everything work out for good between you two?

I am an American, born and raised in Cali. Half Mexican half Cuban. I never knew the Cuban side of my family until a few years back, when I went to visit Cuba. I fell in love with the country and eventually decided (I think it was my dad who gave me the crazy idea) that I wanted to get married to a girl from there. After a few failed relationships in Cuba, and after spending about a year in Cuba, my uncle introduced me to his wife’s neese. She is in no way related to me, but she is close to the family.
I am 22, she’s 17. We fell in love and got married. From what I know of her, she had never been the type to go after tourists or anything like that. My uncle told me very good things about her. She’s your typical light skinned, petite beauty. I’m absolutely crazy over her.
Here’s a little bit about me: I actually look more Cuban than her because I have dark skin. I currently am unemployed, however I have good financial backup from my parents, and am definately planning to obtain a decent job before I bring her to the US.
I am your average looking guy, 190lbs and 5’11. I own a 2008 Mercedes so I won’t look like some chump when she sees my lifestyle.
The problem is that I only knew her about 1 month before we got married. and I now have been married to her for about 3 months.
I live with constant doubts in my mind about whether or not she is cheating on me and if this whole thing is just a huge lie. I call her almost every day, and we text throughout most of the day. I send her money so she can live comfortably while she’s waiting to come to the US. She claims shes going to attend English classes while she waits, etc.
I find comfort in thinking about how my story is so different from the others in that I am not some old dude going to look for some highly unrealistic relationship with someone 20 years younger than me. I am young, strong, smart, and I’ve got financial stability. I’m also not bad looking, but nor am I a model by any means.
We sometimes argue over stupid things, and it bugs me because the calls and texts are really expensive to Cuba and sometimes we waste them on just arguing. But when the relationship goes well, it makes me feel like the most accomplished guy on earth.
The other day, for example, I tell her I have a surprise for her (a wedding ring). And she kept bugging me trying to get me to tell her what it was. Then she started saying how she might not like some types of surprises so that I better tell her now so I won’t be dissapointed. I never ended up telling her but I can’t help but think that the reason she needed to know was because she thought I might surprise her by showing up at her doorstep one day and finding something I wouldn’t like.. like another man…
I hate to think that stuff and it kills me.
another thing is that she has family in Nevada. If she ends up coming over here to the US she has a place to escape to.
I really hate sharing my stories online because people can be really mean and tell you things you don’t want to hear but I’m curious to see what anyone has to say about my story. Like i said, I feel different because I’m so young. BTW, I am fluent in Spanish, so me and my wife communicate very effectively

Don't worry my Cuban -AMERICAN brother , trust and communication is everything in any relationship , also be patience , just be a true man and you will find happiness with your new bride , God bless you both .

Hello all,
Please note that an agreement has been reached in Cuba with the “Docente” Hospital in Boyeros.
All medical check-ups have now resumed and are scheduled on Wednesday for the time being.
Furthermore, as a result of the strike, the office in Havana is still on a “Work to rule” schedule at this time.
I have written a letter to the Honorable Jason Kenney (CIC minister) and to the MP in my constituency.
If you have a love one in Cuba, I urge you to write to the Minister of CIC and to your local MP.
Hope this helps!


my wife received a call from immigration last Monday and they were asking for the landing fee. I had already paid for it but when I called immigration myself later last week she told me that it meant that everything has been approved and my wife may get her visa very soon. we are just so happy to of heard that.

I hope thing are going well for you all, good luck with everything and I wish you all well.

OMG! That is so awesome! Congrats!

This is mine And my wife's story, I went to Cuba on vacation back in April 2012. I met my wife at the Beatles restaurant in Varadero Cuba. I was just sitting there having lunch and her and her friend came and sat down and we started to talk. I then seen her three more times after that the same week I was there. I knew right then and there she was the love of my life. We corresponded until I decided to go back in June for her birthday. We then stayed for one week in a hotel and one week in her home town. We then corresponded until September but in that meantime we had decided to get married. So we planned the wedding and she decided that we would do it on my 40th birthday so we did so and I stayed for three weeks at that time. Throughout the whole time. We have been working on the sponsorship application. It was submitted on Valentine's Day 2013 and I was approved on the sponsorship application in 25 days. Our application was submitted to the Canadian Embassy in Cuba and they started to process and look at our application on April 2, 2013. At this point we are still waiting for the final word of when she can come to Canada. I do not regret one thing I have done since I met my wife. I love her with all my heart and soul and she loves me in the same way. It does get harder each time I have to leave her but we both know that we are really not that far apart because we are in each others hearts every day and every night. We correspond by emails and telephone calls. It is much cheaper for her to call me as where it is for me to call her. She can pay up to only $.20 or $.40 a minute to call. Whereas it cost me $10 to talk for 12 minutes to her on a 20/20 international phone card. I did hire a lawyer to help us through this process and she is through immigroup out of Ontario, Canada. She has been a very great help and she figures that my wife will be here in Canada after only 2 to 3 months of the visa office processing our application. But we will have to wait and see. I have gone through every step and all processes the correct way if there are any questions or needing feedback please forward.

What all did you have to do for this to happen. I met the love of my life in Cuba and we really want to get married. I don't have the first clue on what I need to take with me or have ready for this.. He is going to check and see what he needs there and I'm trying to find things here.. Can you offer a little advice for me as I will be going back in August of this year and we are hoping to get married then.

You guys are using cubans to build up your lives in Canada, you think those people are retarded due to the fact they live in a thirld world country.
You guys really deserve these guys as soon they are in Canada run away, before you start becoming pregnant, using their credit and putting them working in construction jobs.
I bet none of you, speak spanish, or try to llok for another nationality to get married, cubans are easy and unexpensive. What happened? are italian asking for much more money? HA! I also bet you are marrying guys younger than yourself. Good luck!!!!

I didn't enjoy reading this. There is a lot of effort and commitment that goes into this. I'm working on my Spanish and care deeply for my English/Spanish speaking fiancé. There are beautiful connections made.. Doesn't matter where and with who.

Love has no boundaries , love is blind , if you love her and she has proven to you that she is there for you and the connection is 100 % then GOD Bless you both .

Unless you have something positive to say ... you should not say too much .....and too everyone else enjoy the experience ......

Hi there. I just came back from Cuba and met a man that I would/already am, considering a serious future with. I am trying to wrap my head around the whole process and the length of time, etc and am wondering if I could speak more with you regarding your experience. Thank you very much for sharing everything you have :)

I thanks you for sharing your current story, I have recently been proposed to, by my Cuban boyfriend, of 16months. I have agreed and your story has given me some of the necessary information for me to start the next part of our journey together. Thank you and good luck on your journey, I hope you continue to update us on your progress. Thanks so much

Another story of buying an exotic parrot.......Shame of you!!|

You are the one that sounds like a parrot!! Lol

IF texts are sooooo expensive start sending him money for that purpose, hehhehehhe

Seems like you got everything figured out . HATER!!

You obviously arent happy with yourself and are quick to judge others Ive been with a wonderful Cuban for 3 years and he wants me to come and live in cuba with him They are not all after getting to Canada and screwing off. There are so many wonderful and beautful people in Cuba dont be a hater because these women have fallen in love Let time and God decide

If the love is pure and he is 100 % honest with you , Cuba is a wonderful country to grow old and live in peace , don't worry about the need , just live off on basic and live of the land ,pure and organic , GBY.

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hello! i am getting married and july and i am so lost on everything! i was seaking with immigrations and they gave me no help! they told me to just get married and as i am reading your story there seems to be alot more that has to be done! is there anyway we can email eachother? i dont mind paying you to help me i just wanna make sure i do this right!! it would be greatly apreciated!


I was wondering if I'd be able to contact you via email? I've got some questions as I'm sort of going through the same thing.

Hi Cayococo what's your update?

Here's my story, my full personal story. of how a love begins... and what hopes i have for the future with the love of my life, my cuban girl.

I was born in cuba, and left with my parents at the age of 9, lived in the United States ever since, and visited 3 times until the age of 21 which is my age as of 11/18/2012, and ever since i was 5 years old, i had my eye on one special girl, my green eyed cuban girl, living as cubans, sharing the experience, every time i visited cuba, the time apart i spent without visiting was fairly big, so seeing the physical changes in that girl, were noticeable, i saw her as a child, then as a teen, then as an adult. Every time i visited cuba ( every 4-5 years ) we spent every minute of my vacation to cuba together, slept together, spent precious moments together... and spoke for hours without end. Now, my mom speaks outloud in a party in cuba marry her! and she adopts that idea, and asks me to marry her, i love her with all my heart, i want her, i need her, i feel as if my life had no meaning without her, and she expresses her desires to leave the island, and marrying her is the only way out for her. Needless to say, she is smart, educated, and preserved. She just likes to party alot, well... which young cuban girl doesn't right? im more of a conserved young man, i don't enjoy parties of such essense. Instead i like time alone with family, and social gatherings within family. Im a dental assistant, and my income isnt that great, i live with my parents, and she will be coming to this house in the U.S and it will be one more person living under this roof, im just imagining when reality hits her, what will she do, what will she say... I dont know. But i will carry on with the wedding, and legal paperwork.... if this dream comes true, it doesnt matter, i'll do it, in my opinion the only thing that can set us aside, is financial stability... because adultery and cheating, will never happen from my side,.. i lost my virginity to her in cuba, and she lost her's to me.... it was both of us's first time. I have nothing but positivity in my mind, and good hope that everything will be alright.

God willing, i get to spend the rest of my life with her, she's 22, im 21. Sounds like a young love? and young marriage right? what is your input?

hi, i am married with cuban and i sponsor him to came in canada . after not even 2 month hi deside to live for one night at his friend and never come back . i found him in other city by his cell . bils and i call everyone . finaly he say i dont come back not even any city if i move with you and not any country including cuba . Finaly i have no choise and i left with broken heart and wallet . never call me back not even for my b-day to respect , i realized his a lyer and he froud me for the biginning, because what he say speek do not do in act , not in cuba not in canada , so he never was boing nothing for me . love its not likethat if you promis you doing but if someone wave the excuse its cuba have nothing its not true, little thing if she or he will do for you that count. for the time when i sponsor him was so in live with me so attachet to me feel the connection, was exception in one year when i was going back in for in cuba when he yelld at me 2 times and take me buy the nack in this time when i was in his father house i vant to go to canada home and never came back to him in cuba and continue the sponsorship but he apologized and he say to me never happend again. i do so much sacriffice i was living all my family behind mortgage my building rentals imcome to have money enugh to fly 10 time per years and buy food for him and 2 kids for the hole year of process of sponsorship ,also i get sick there for the bad food, ihaveto emergency. the papers and all the process of sponsorship take youe time energy and finacial will drain you. i will never do this overagain for no one its not worth it. its so dificult you don' trealize , i say wow when i red all this law over again for sponsorship and all papier to be done , i say to my self have i could ded this ? its mentally draining ,left you with no more energy. if i know he don't give a sh.... about me as soon he have his resident card 3 days later he left . i will never sponsor him. but be careful the the good time when you do all for people its easy to be loved , do the oposive stop paying , stop surprasing let them a lone to take care of his or her staff like( kids , family money sent, reparation! celulars buying, or pay to talk to you or feel up his or her cellular ) stop before you bring them in state or in canada. i tall you for my bad experience. but you will say have will talk .? walll ... make visit surprised cost less then phone bills and buy in special one flight ticket 370-450$ and fly tocuba for one week. surprised . you will see maybe the reality and then you also will see if they don't have all the time they will act the same? or if you go surprised they will be natural surprised or you will be surprised whrn you see something rong. party girls not good ! or disco how its in to that sorry to say will not stay for ever the relationship. also the interest if is just to immigrate here then make sure you will be boing all this test before they arivve . good luck . me i am not eble to speek with a man i ned phicolog to halp me to get tru this.he just left me in 21 feb. its fresh hi arrive in 28 to 29 dec. 20012 its so painful. i could not belive.if i was doing something bad i understand but way i deserve this i do just good .but for some people with no heart not good enugh when they dont care because they have only them interest and that nobody can se it just only one .........thank you . that!s my real story.

hi there,sorry for late respond,i had quite bad experience with Cuban lady too....looks like they are without moral at all,but from another side we can't complain about them,because that place which we see as paradise(cuba),it's a bloody the way,i'm 28 years male,at that time when I had that relations with her I was 25 years,it sounds quiet crazy,but I met her not in cuba,i met her in spain,me,by my self I'm a british,but I did not born in Britain,i was born in east north Europe,lithuania.all my life I was not lucky with ladies,well i.m not ugly(it's just my opinion),I'm not dump too,and in the one of my visits in spain I met her...she was a barmen,i was drunk,me and my mate we where chating at bar,and I saw when that lady with beautiful brown eyes sneaking around us,looking at us,and I was ask her,how are was the biggest mistake in my life which cost me two years of depression,sleepless nights,and the most important a suicide...I was so happy to wake up with her,to see her smile,to see these beautiful brown eyes...and one day I saw her with other men,before that she swear when I'm that special man in her life,i was in live with her...she start to avoid me,she did not answer in my phone calls,she just ignore me,i start drink,i start use a drugs...I could not find a happiness in my life,one night all al most jump from the bridge....other time all al most hang my guys cant imagine what I pass,what pain I felt in my heart,how deeply she hurt i.m ok,exept one thing,i scare to trust a woman again...I do not want to fell that pain when somebody who you love and trust treat with you like with rubbish,well who doesn't kill you make you I found out,she sheet one Spanish lad to get to spain,she was married him,and try to gues...she left him...them me...she probably thought when i.m a rich European with few houses in Europe...well,to be honest my opinion is very bad about them,but I can't judge all Cubans because of one person.i'm fells very sorry about you when you had to pass all that,probably if you would be a member of my family I would find that busted and beat him up badly.may god good to you a strength to pass all that pain in yours soul,if you want to share yours thoughts feels free to inbox me.

Cuba is a hard country and the young people there have become cold and hard , if the love is there and 100 % , you don't need to go anywhere else , we live of the land and have baby and the day you stop loving me , well good by , back to where I came from .

you all need to go slow , lot of these men in Cuba have children and girlfriend and the woman are looking for a way out of poverty , if love is really in the heart there is no need to go back to the USA or Canada or Europa , You stay there and get merry there and live there if the true love is 100 % it will Blossom there into a beautiful flower , learn to live of the land , that the real love of Cuba , when the love is there.SORRY ,GOD BLESS YOUR HEART.

Marry her and make Cuba your Mother land forever , live of the land , grow , plant , fish , have plenty of BABY, yOU don't need nothing else , love and your new family in a very peaceful country , that what true real love is all about , all that materiel stuff is worthless .

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Going into this with "eyes wide open" so not looking for more horror stories about marrying a Cuban. I do have some questions hoping someone can help with about getting married in Cuba.

The "Notario" wedding process:
- do you need to book an appointment ahead of time or can you just show up and get married
- where are the office(s) in Havana
- are their forms you should get from the Notario prior and have them completed when you go

I read the info of the forms I need to bring with me from Canada etc just wanting to gett more details about the process in Cuba.

Thanks for any info.

Hi there,
I myself met a man in Varadero when I went on vacation this past May. He worked at the hotel I was staying at (Playa De Oro) he was an animator there. I had my eyes on him the moment I had arrived there. We spent his 2 days off together and at night id bring him in my room (sneak) and no we didn't sleep together. We would lay there and talk til morning. I'm still in contact with him. I text him everyday and he texts me when he can. It's extremely expensive for him to text me but when he does its always amazing texts that make my day! I'm planning on going back there soon to see David but I'm still not sure what it is, where its going to go or what he wants from me :(

OH, how innocent you are!!!!!! You dont know waht hw wants from you....

You didnt have sex with him that night, OH yeah, .......stArt sending him money if texts are sooooooooooo expensive.

remember something most people had a life before you arrive on the island , kids , girlfriend and a jobs , looking for love in a hotel 'BAR' ALMOST THE SAME **** .

happen to me too

HI everyone,

I read some of your post and I understand the challenges - I am living in Toronto and married someone from Cuba. We knew each other for 4 years before we got married.

Not everyone from Cuba leaves with hopes of coming to Canada and then taking off. There are scroundels in every culture - most are pretty honest....

Somehow some of the scoudrels go undetected in the immigration process...

We got married and applied for my husband to come to Canada -we debated about me moving to Cuba - but for many reasons Canada ended up being where we chose to make a life together.

Once you get married - you will need to have the Canadian Embassy validate your marriage certificate. Ensure that you keep all of your photos, phone bills, letters, copies of emails, everything to support your relationship - you will need them for your application for the Canadian resident visa.

Once you submit your Canadian permanent resident visa application for your spouse to come to Canada- you will receive a letter stating that your application has been accepted.

You will be in a waiting game - if you wait beyond 4 months or so and hear nothing - please contact the MPP (member of parliment) for your area (within Toronto and the GTA). They will help you to find out what is going on with your application file and help to speed things up. It worked for my husband and I. We applied in March and by October he received his visa to come to Canada. Then he applied to the Cuban government to have permission to leave Cuba - there is the permanent exit visa - it's more expensive and takes about 3 months to be approved. Once its approved your done. There is also the temporary visa which take about a month for the Cuban government to process. But once your spouse is in Canada - they have to apply for the permanent visa and pay a fee every month at the embassy until the permanent visa is granted.

Once your spouse is in Canada they have to pay $160 every other year to keep their passport and status in Cuba active.

Hope this information helps.


Hi, out of respect I will just give an advise to everybody who wish to married in Cuba. I meet a beautiful woman, my wife, four years ago. I married her one year after. I came back to Canada and did all the "assignments" to bring her to Canada. Soon after, my new family were living with me, and I mean my wife and her two children. After only one month of been in Canada, one day when coming back from work neither her or the children where at the house. I waited few hours thinking that she may go for a walk, but been living in a rural area and I knew that the children were not too happy with the cold weather so I started to get worry. I decide to call a friend which suggested me to contact the police, something was telling me there were something wrong. Few hours after, I received a phone call from the USA border, Emigration office. My wife crossed the border helped by a taxi driver. Because she is Cuban and she stepped into USA ground she was allowed to stay in USA. I haven't seen her since then. She never give me any clues, she was the most loving and caring person, I was in shocked. I knew, everything was planed because of few friends we had in common I also know she went back with the husband that she had and divorced to married me. I wanted to put this situation out there, because I had hear so many cases like mine. I am not saying that it will happen to everybody, but just be careful. People are so desperate to get out of that County that will do everything to do so. Good Luck!!

Hi there ! Did youur common friends were cuban ? Big mistake if were . They have to be kept away from Cuban comunity and not work at all . House work and cooking . Travel only with you and not learn english . I learn spanish only ..

What is wrong with you. ??

So sorry this happen to you , it's a hard country and it's make people hard down there , the problem is people take it too fast with new love .

Yani, wouldn't the taxi driver need to show his Passport to cross the border? Wouldn't your ex wife need a visa to gain entry onto US soil? I'm a 29 year old dual citizen (Canada and USA) living in Edmonton. I would like to marry my girlfriend in Cuba and bring her to Edmonton. We both speak Spanish and met her extended family without seeing any red flags. She is like me (she's only 3 months older than me) and doesn't have close ties to her immediate family. Everything about her is amazing and she will be a really good mom in Canada....I like your story Yani1680 because like your ex wife, neither my girlfriend or I want to live in Canada for too long. We could drive to the U.S. Border and she could become a U.S. Citizen like me! Can you explain how this happened?

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Congrats! I'm engaged to my Cuban from matanzas I met him while he was working at the resort in varadero we are very in love I know its real we have been together for 1 year our wedding is July 2013 :) then the sponsering Will being :) is.he here yet??

Just seen your story on here, just please please be careful. I married the love of my life in Oct 2011. He was the most amazing man, and we had a fairy tale relationship. Everything was perfect and amazing, and everyone knew we were meant to be together. He arrived here in Canada in June 2012, and as soon as he got off the plane he turned into a completely different person that I didn't know. And all of my family and friends seen the same thing. He wanted a slave, and nothing would make him happy. He complained about everything and was constantly picking fights......he wasn't the man that I married at all. The second week of September he packed his suitcase and left with no explanation, went to visit a friend in Toronto and then suppose to have gone back to Cuba. I got one email forwarded to me at the end of Sept and haven't heard tell of him since. I have no clue where he is or what happened.
I have other friends that were married in 2011 to their Cuban boyfriends as well..... out of 8 of the couples, 7 of the men took off 4 of them in 3 months or less, 4 have stayed in Canada and well as far as I am aware my husband has gone back.

I am not trying to scare you but just want to you be careful. I thought my husband was different from all the other stories I had heard and so did everyone else who knew him. We had met through mutual friends and it just happened, we fell in love with each other. And had am amazing relationship for 18 months, but as soon as he got to Canada he was a total different hateful person.

Just please before spending the tens of thousands of dollars and risking complete heart break, be careful.

who the hell want to live in that cold ice weather , stay in Cuba and learn about your love and learn to live of the basic .After a couple years in Cuba with your new love of your life and children , you will know if he or she was the person of your life ,

What's his name?


what ever the love is , don't leave the island people change , stay in Cuba and live of the land and be happy , time will tell how much love there is in a hard poverty country , keep the fancy **** and give me kisses .

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Hi there CayoCoco, I met a cuban lady and want to marry. Wondering if I I can send all the forms , after I marry hervin Cuba, without her doing the medical analisis. I asume she will be asked later on , after the papers will be sent in Cuba. In addition, what address you put for them to contact for his set of forms ? His or yours? Considering that the request for visa is on their part, the emmbacy in Cuba should be contactim him / her in my case.. I appreciate your help

Sorry but this message is a little confusing. Where are you located? In Canada? And what are you trying to accomplish? Sponsoring your soon to be wife? Getting her a visitors visa?

I already found the answer. Thanks

stay in Cuba and make it your world , if the love is there.

I am a canadian citizen and my partner is a cuban citizen. I am pregnant with his baby and wondering what the complications pros/cons are of putting his name on the birth certificate.

Congrats on your pregnancy!!
By putting his name on the birth certificate it will help him have access to his child if he ever comes to Canada. It is not recognized by the Cuban Government (from what I have been told). It is in my opinion the right thing to do and maybe will make him feel better. Really later if your relationship disolves (lets hope not as we all like happy endings :P ) and he is still in cannot go after him for child support (whats the point :) ) but if he does ever come to Canada as a perm resident or becomes a citizen you can initiate support proceedings. Again...this is just from what i have heard. Best to speak with a lawyer.

Good luck with your pregnancy : ) Babies are blessings

@tammp33<br />
<br />
says it all - you will have to pay to support him in Canada! (as well as your children!)<br />
perhaps you are beautiful in Canada, but with children and not sure what you age is I imagine it would be much easier for you to find 'love' in a poor country like Cuba, than a rich socially alienated society like Canada. Also from experience the women in Latin America are far more beautiful than most westerners. In Cuba they are mostly drawn to tourists purely for financial and immigration reasons. If they had a decent standard of living I doubt they would give white westerners a second look.<br />
One thing I've also noticed is that despite Cuba having such high educational standards, those hustling to get out usually can't read or write. I am British, but writing in Spanish is of a much higher standard than most Cubans I know. They usually end up doing music or running salsa club nights.<br />
Good luck to you, but believe me they will do anything it takes for as long as necessary to get out.

interesting point of view.
Completely void of fact. But we are all entitiled to our opinion.


While you are entitled to your opinion I just wanted to point out that most of what you stated was based on your own opinions rather than facts, and I find it quite sad how you have reduced an entire culture into nothing more than a stereotype.

I am Cuban born, and like a few that have commented on this post, I have lived outside of the Island for many years now. I have family there and frequently keep in contact with aunts, uncles and cousins that still live in Cuba. I am not so out-of-touch with the situation in Cuba as to know that not everybody is drawn to tourists for only materialistic reasons. It depends on the sort of person they are.

I will let you know that I am married to a wonderful Canadian gentleman (in my age group) whom I met in my college years, and since I was already a Canadian citizen, there was definitely zero interest in acquiring citizenship in my part. We both had equal living standards and conditions. I am very drawn to/attracted to him, a "white westerner" and I most certainly do not work for the music industry nor any salsa club.

I do not find (in my opinion) Cubans in general to be any more attractive than any other nationality, and I would like to add that Cubans tend to have a variety of backgrounds such as Spanish, African, Lebanese, Asian, Jewish and even French. There is no "unique traits" that every single Cuban possesses. In my family we have straight hair, curly hair, light skin, dark skin, blonde hair, black hair, dyed hair, and every eye color you could possibly imagine.

When we first made it to Canada it was very difficult because nobody spoke the language, but we all knew how to read and write, and my parents were medical professionals in Cuba. They ended up working in factories for a while until they managed to learn to speak English well enough to work in the public sector.

I am not negating the validity of your experience in Cuba, nor discrediting your right to your opinions, but please do realize that they are just observations, not proven facts.

Your views are shaped by what you see and those you know; but do realize that knowing a specific type of Cuban does not mean you know all of the intricate workings of Cuban society (maybe it is limited to those who work to please the tourists).

My advice to those seeking to marry a Cuban person is to make sure that they are genuine, hard-working, and have a good head on their shoulders. Meeting somebody through the tourism industry might not even be the best approach to relationships, but hey, there is no reason why it can't work out if both of your emotions and expectations match.

Good luck to all in this post, and Lalibela2, I honestly mean no disrespect. I just wanted to clear-up a couple of things.

Hi everyone, I just started a blog:<br /> <br />
<br />
I'll be posting anything and everything related to this topic. Check it out!!!

Hi everyone. I met a beautiful and loving caring man a year ago. I found I had fallen in love with him as time went on. I introduced him to my children and had him stay at a resort with me this past august. He was very attentive as a lover and a father to my children; tucking them into bed with hugs and kisses, brushing their hair, teaching them how to dance and so much more. He introduced all of us to his family and friends telling everyone that we are his family. That my children are his babies and he is very proud of them. He has asked me to come and stay at a casa particulair that is only a few doors down from his own house (his mama's house) on my next visit. We discovered we are having a baby, and though it is still early on in the pregnancy, he is very excited and is sharing the news with all of his family and friends. We have no plans of marrying anytime soon, although he wants us to, I am not ready. Not only will I have a new baby to support on a single income, but also a husband, if I choose to bring him to Canada. My concerns are, what kind of work will he be able to find in Canada? What are the laws of me having his baby while not being married? Can he get into trouble. With all the horror stories I hear, I do worry. But I also know I am a beautiful women here in Canada and believe that some love found in Cuba is real. I just found that men here in Canada can be liars and cheats and thieves like anywhere else in the world. Please help by giving your input.

Good luck to all of you because all these men are doing is using you for money and to get out of the country. I have lived in Cuba and seen it happen to so many people including friends. But to be honest I have no sympathy for rich foreign westerners both men and women who are basically buying the beauty of Cuban people which for many is their principle asset which they sell. One Afro-Cuban man I know in England once told me that slavery is not over in Cuba and that they rely on rich westerners to buy them so that they can be free. All you people are doing is fuelling this tragic economy for your own selfish reasons and this is why sex tourism in Cuba is so prevalent. Frankly I found it sickening everytime I saw an ugly white man in his 50s with a beautiful Cuban girl in her teens or early twenties. The same for older women with young cuban men. I used to ask the Cubans why they degrade themselves in this way especially as so many of these foreigners were highly unnattractive.One girl that used to braid my hair said it was just like a job to pay the bills and that she had a Cuban boyfriend who was her own age. The men would say because they needed to money to pay for housing, food and clothes. It used to make me so sad and angry. All you people are just fuelling this tragic situation. But once they are out very few of these marriages last because as soon as they are out like all beings they will want to enjoy their freedom and most of you are just a means to an end. Think about it could you get the same beautiful men or women in your own countries where everyone is on a level economic playing field? Or are you just part of the exploitation?

Well I like you're enthusiasm lalibela1 ! Im not rich, in my 50's, and have never been married but I met a smart high school history teacher in Havana who is very independent and runs a cafeteria too. We're going to get married next year and have 2 beautiful children here in Edmonton. Hopefully I can convince her to move to the USA with me to escape the cold(I'm a dual citizen). I'm pretty good looking and am not dumb enough to dole out $20 to "primos" who "tiene una problema en mi casa". I've already set the expectation that although her extended family might think I'm poor or stingy, I make up with romantic gestures! If the outcome of this relationship is as bad as some of these other men marrying Cuban women, I will not regret this unique experience. We both speak Spanish and it's not the first time dating outside my race (she's Afro-Cuban). Im committing to this life changing experience with full optimism!

Yikes TypicalCubanRide that sounds more like a battleground than a marriage. I'm married to a wonderful Cuban man and we use tools like 'communication', 'love' and 'compromise' to make our life together in Canada work rather than fighting it out for supremacy and control.

To the person who wants to know if the Hollywood Star Entertainer will be with you forever and is it worth it. NO! My poor girlfriend was taken for a ride by a similar guy. She lost her house and a lot of money. She was a saint and cooked, and cleaned, and did his laundry and bought his trips to Cuba and paid for this and that. No she is getting ready for a divorce and he is free as a bird without any obligations. He should have left him in Cuba with his band at the resort! <br />
<br />
My story: I have dated a Cuban for 5 year and I have now been married to him for 10 years. I would like to warn most of the women (and men who want to listen), the money only flows in one direction. Out of your hands into their hands. <br />
<br />
When they finally arrive in your country they will be home sick and call home as often as they can and you will end up paying the large long distance charges. Due to being home sick, they will travel home 2 X per year - the first year will be very difficult for them with all the changes and it will not be easy for you too. I have learned many things but one main thing is that money causes problems. Please let them pay for their own living expenses or you will be sorry as they will expect you to pay for more and more and will never offer to pay. <br />
<br />
The first thing I did when my spouse arrived was to obtain his SIN and sent him to work the first week he arrived. Second thing - our long distance costs were high so I cancelled my home phone and only used my cell. He got his own cell phone and the payments came directly out of his account for his cell and long distance. Once he saw how much it cost to call Cuba and that it was him money that paid those calls, he quickly reduced the flapping on the phone! Next is the the flights to Cuba which they will try to get you to pay for. My solution was to get him his own credit card. He pays for his OWN flights with the card and his purchases with HIS bank card. He never has a balance on his credit card or uses money he does not have. Not all Cubans will understand the credit card concept and you may end up paying for it so start with a bank card from his OWN account NOT your account. If they ask you to purchase a ticket to Cuba, let them give you the cash upfront before you purchase the flight or you will never get it back. This happened to me for his first trip to Cuba. <br />
<br />
Next, when they arrive, make sure you sit them down and show them on paper all the expenses for your rent, mortgage food and utilities. Tell them, don't ask them to pay for half. Do not give them money under any circumstance! Tell them you cannot afford it. They will drain you dry. Also, train them to do their fair share of the house work. Sounds like I am mean or running a slave shop? Well if you do not do this, you will be the slave, you will be cooking and cleaning and doing laundry and paying for everything. That was me the first 6 months. Then after speaking to many women who are married to Cubans, I snapped to it and realized I was being taken for a ride. Someone that truly loves you would not treat you like this. They will talk you into anything. I know you love your Cuban partner just like I love mine but it's for your own health and peace of mind.<br />
<br />
One main issue I had was the money and he would not pay for anything. It took me 6 months to convince him to pay for just the food! Ensure you get the money issues out in the open before they arrive and the first week they arrive review it again until they get it. <br />
<br />
Cuban men expect a lot from their foreign wives. You are too precious to be abused, used and taken for a ride. You may feel it risky and that you will lose your love but, love yourself first. <br />
<br />
Oh yeah - get a living together agreement signed by him before he leaves Cuba and if you can before you get married in Cuba. Just get the advice of a lawyer it will be worth the money trust me.<br />
<br />
From all the women that I have met that are married to Cubans, they all say that their partners return to Cuban 2 times per year without them. I wonder what they are doing there? Don't let you imagination get the better of you. But you may be right!<br />
<br />
I am not saying it is all bad and I know what I wrote sounds very negative, but I too had my head in the clouds and I was all in love with this great Cuban. I just want you to be careful and not to get hurt. Make them respect you. Respect yourself. Set limits of when you will draw the line.<br />
<br />
Good luck to all of us!

Can anyone tell me whether a guy working as an entertainer at a resort makes much money or not? Looks very decent and a hard worker with a modest personality so no hustling even suspected. I happened to fall for such a guy but I do not know whether they are considered rich people (entertainers) and would like to leave the country at all. He speaks very poor English and I doubt he would find it easy to find a job in Toronto (doing what only with his Spanish?).<br />
<br />
I lately became very practical and I'm seriously interested in that guy however we kept our conversations very distant even though it was clear there was interest on both sides. <br />
<br />
Now, before flying back and forth, doing financial mistakes and etc...I have a question to ask myself. Will this adorable young man, a centre of every night entertainment, looking like a Hollywood star be interested in leaving his job? Or I shouldn't even bother to go into a relationship with him >> marry >> pull him out from Cuba??<br />
<br />
Does anyone know a real story of a guy leaving such a job and how much they make? I didn't see him getting any tips!

Hi Everyone,<br />
<br />
I am a US citizen, my parent are Nicaraguan, therfor, I speak spanish very fluently and have been dating a cuban man for a year and half. I met my fiance in a religious ceremony, from the moment I saw him I became very attracted towards him.<br />
<br />
Six months after I met Lien, I decided to submite the paper work to bring him over to the U.S.A. as a Fiance. The process has not been easy, we've had our ups and downs <br />
like any relationship. The long <br />
distance has beem a burnden to <br />
both of us. It was not easy for my <br />
family to accept I am dating a man <br />
that lives in Cuba n that he is dark <br />
skin. We've had our fights, made up and have disagreed like any other couple. <br />
<br />
I have met his mother which is the only family member he has in cuba and in Octuber of last year I met his older brother that lives in Brazil. I've been keeping in touch with my fiance older brother and he has provided me with advice towards our relationship.<br />
<br />
10 months have passed since I submitted the paper work and the case has finally been approved by USCIS, now we are just waiting for his interview which will be in September of this year. We are currently going through the dilema of getting him an appoint for the mdeical check up, but like everything in cubaSin there are no appointments available so we need to find someone that we could bribe in order to expedite the process. Hopefully everything will tyrn out for the best and by the end of this year my fiance will be with me in the U.S.A.<br />
<br />
I now there are losts of horror stories of cuban residents marrying forghners but my mom once told me "if he is the man for you, no matter were he is at he will always be with you". As they say in spanish "lo que esta pa' ti nadie te lo quita".

hello i would like to share my story with everyone. i met my husband in a hotel in cayo coco. in 2008 yes we got married very quickly he came to england in 2009 . it was very hard for him i found him a job but we had a lot of prombles he went back to cuba to see his family in 2009 at christmas did not want to take me said it was a lot of money i was very hurt as i spent 1000 on this man and bringing him to england.anyway in june 2010 i through him out as he was going cuba again without me if you love someone you dont do this. cut a long stroy short i told him do not return if are marriage is over i will come cuba . but not to my knowing he return and went straight to a woman house who is cuba they had a baby. i got his visa cancelled and sent him back after 17 months of phoneing me i went to see him he explained to me everythink want happened now he wants use to try again . help dont know want to do has i believe 85 per cent of want he told me and i am falling for him again .

I think u should not waste ur time with a guy like that. If u he was bad to u once he will be worst the second time around because now he has a child in cuba with that lady and I am sure he want to take them out of the country.

I hope u nkae the best deciaion for you, eventhough u are still in love with this man.

I wish u the best and follow ur instince

Hi there!!! I need some help! I'm traveling back to Cuba may 23rd to get married. My understanding was I could have all the paper work needed to marry there within a few days ( I live in Toronto ) reading above many people have said it can take weeks to have the single status paper work and birth certificate notarized and translated... Does anyone know how quickly I can get this done ? Thank you ! (as well as a current price range to have these two documents completed both steps)

Congrats SashaXox. Here is some info I found. This is the list of costs at the consulate here in Toronto. They will translate and notorize for you. I wish I could tell you how long it will take, as I am sure you are feeling the pressure now. I would say take a morning off work and go ASAP. my guess is it will take 2 weeks. The consulate is only open 10-1pm or something like that. I also read somewhere that you need to have the long form of your birth certificate. This may not be true, if you have it with your short form bring it too! GOOD LUCK

Hello SashaXox,
Now you can help us telling, if you could get tye marriage certificate right away? Does the certificate have to be legalized in Cuba before you bring it with you for the Immigration, what you submit here in Canada? How did the wedding go? Did you get married in Havana?
Every tip or advice would be useful. You are ahead of the game.
Good for you, and wishing you luck.

No the marriage certificate is not received right away. It gets sent to Havana to be stamped and entered into their official records book. Usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to be sent back the person living in Cuba.

Thanks cuba2009, it will be OK I think, because my daughter S goes back end of August, so by then hopefully her husband will get it back. So good case scenerio - med cert. Police record, birth cert, etc. Everything is ready - we can submit the whole package to CIC early September. I am just hoping, that S, my daughter will be acdepted as sponsor, since she only has part time work and full time university. But we parents can prepare a supporting affidavit, hopefully it will help. Any comment out there on being accepted as sponsor or its difficulties?

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Wow! The first time I went to Cuba I met this one amazing guy and am going back soon to see him and we are planing to take the next step and I can't be any happier and I hope to god everything goes well and I can't wait to have him look into my eyes and tell him how he feels :)))) thanks for the help it was very helpful I have a lot to do

My story is different because both my spouse and myself are Canadian citizens, I just happened to be born in Cuba and left the island in the early 90's. I was twelve years-old when I left and it was through my grandparents sponsoring my parents and myself that we were able to leave. I wanted to comment on the site because it seemed to be lacking the Cuban perspective, and I was reading a few comments that stereotyped Cubans as having a simplistic one-tracked mind only focused on scamming tourists. As if an entire culture was ba<x>sed around polishing their youths to become leaches for the tourists. I know that those comments were the minority, but I felt they needed clarification. <br />
<br />
The difficult part is determining the validity of your relationship. The same rules apply to dating in Cuba as they do here, where did you meet? The odds of meeting a quality human being at a bar, a club, a party, or anywhere associated with light fun and entertainment are very slim. Now, if you meet them on a nature walk aside from the tourist traps, a local park, through church, or through school you have better chances of finding love. If it was a chance encounter it is tough to say if the intentions are genuine. People are people, here, there, or in the ends of the earth.<br />
<br />
The truth is that life in Cuba is difficult and unless the person works directly for the government, or has family abroad who provides for them, they would want to leave the island in the hopes of a better life. For a good person this would mean to find a good honest job and help maintain their new family in a country where many freedoms are enjoyed; and for a hustler this would mean to leave the island and be financially provided for while they enjoy a life of leisure. Both the honest ones and the liars are tempted to leave (I'll explain the reasons for many of the ones who say they do not.) it is their feelings and intentions that are different. It is tough to separate them both because good hustlers are good liars. This is where you take risks and where your judgment and intuition is key. Does the person seem fake? Too good to be true? Do they just agree with all that you say for the sake of avoiding arguments?<br />
<br />
If a person does not wish to leave Cuba it could be for many reasons, and the one I see the most (with my own family members in Cuba) is that a parent/grandparent/sibling is sick and they are afraid that if they leave they won't be able to care for them properly, or them feeling neglected once he/she leaves would worsen their condition. Cubans (as with many Latin cultures, Italians, and Greeks) place family first. It is our culture, and this will have tons of influence in decision to leave the island. Other reasons include fear of the unknown, possible dislike of radical change and of cold climates, they have a good position in Cuba and aren't sure if they will be able to do better elsewhere if they don't adapt well, they agree with the ideals of the government, or they get all they need from their family members abroad and find leaving the island to be an unnecessary struggle. <br />
<br />
The Cuban family bond is as wonderful as it could be damaging. If you have your family you will never be alone because any family member would take the shirt off their backs for you and you will always be cared for and helped. Now, if you are the one in the better position you are expected to return the favors not only for your parents and siblings but for your aunts, uncles, cousins and in some families even the spouses of those extended family members. Good families ask only what they really need and are not out there to burden their own... but sometimes you see horrible families who expect the person who leaves the island to cater to their every whim. When you meet your significant other's family they will be in their best behavior so it could be hard to tell which kind of family they are, but good indicators are: Do they invade your privacy too much? Are they possessive of you? Do they reprimand your significant other when he/she disagrees with you even on minor issues? If any of these are a yes... I would raise big flags. <br />
<br />
When you marry a Cuban person you marry their family as well, much more so than in western cultures. In cases where the spouse and the family dislike each other it is a devastating experience for everybody, and all feel the shock-waves. The worst situations and the most difficult to reconcile is when you meet an excellent person from a horrible family. Good luck!<br />
<br />
Now, when the Cuban person arrives it does take a while to adapt and assimilate into the culture. I was a child and it took me about two years to adapt, for my parents it was about a five-year period. This period is key in your relationships but don't use this period to judge your relationship because as the person lives through their big changes they will be altered, they will feel different themselves, have good days and bad days (a bit of a bipolar existence) that lasts for as long as the adaptive period lasts.<br />
<br />
I have been raised more than half of my life in the Canadian culture, understand it well, and still have some cultural misunderstandings with my husband from time to time. But with love, effort, and patience it makes the experience very rewarding and I couldn't imagine it better. <br />
<br />
Now ladies, do not believe that it is considered normal for Cuban men to have multiple girlfriends any more than it is considered normal in any culture for the man to be a womanizer. You do not have to put-up with this for it is an excuse so that they can get away with adultery. If you hear that excuse then it comes from a chauvinist... run! <br />
<br />
In Cuba a man who has multiple girlfriends is a womanizer that no decent Cuban lady would approach, you shouldn't either. It is true that Cuban men are more flirtatious in their everyday lives... like the French... but they should not do this in front of their lovers nor should they take it to another level such as infidelity. Harmless flirtation and adulation is not to be confused with adultery. Only scummy men would try to excuse such behavior. <br />
<br />
I would like to wish you all luck and happiness in your relationships, trust your instincts, ask questions, voice your opinions, and do not put-up with anything that you wouldn't put-up with in ANY other relationship. Love always triumphs over adversity and if it doesn't... it is time to move on and look for that which does.

Thank you for your insight. Your point is very well taken that scammers and liars are very much predominant in Canada and other countries as well. Cubans are sterotyped but if you truly take the time to get to know them and their family you will see what wonderful, warm and caring people they are. I am proud to be married to my Cuban husband and I love his family. They ask nothing of me. Their main concern is that Yoani is happy and that we love one another.

Hola, I also came to Canada in the early 90's. You are almost of the same age my son is...but you seem like a very mature person by the way you explain yourself and your interpretation of "our" culture back home. Kudos to you for taking the time to explain it and for the nice approach on doing so.

Carola W, hola!

I liked what you wrote, and I am glad you posted about Cuban culture and how to perceive if the relationship is sincere. Where in Canada do you live (if you don't mind me asking)? I don't know of any other Cubans here in Southern Ontario, I am the only Spanish speaker I know.

Just so you all know... i went through almost the exact same process to have my husband come to Canada. We were married in 2009 and he just arrived here at the end of December 2011. things wre good once he arrived, we naturally did have some difficulties (2or3) challenges due to our different cultures. But other than that all was good. He already had met most of my friends and I had met so many of his friends and family. All seemed like it was perfect. Now I am an intellegent woman and thought i had taken all the necessary precautions to make sure I was not being scammed. He did not ask for money or anything else... he did introduce me to his son and family... he paid for the wedding and a lot of the paperwork himself... all seems good right? I wish... I came home from work a couple of weeks ago and he was gone along with all of his belongings. He sent me an email the next morning saying he was sorry but that the could not do it because I did drugs for 2 years and did not tell him about it and he had a son that was invovled... I can assure you i do not do drugs and there would be no reason good or dumb to think that I did. Drugs is the male equivilant to abuse... it was his way out to complete his scam... he is now in toronto somewhere and I am on the hook for 3 years for any government assistance he receives.. worse there is nothing you can do to change that... I reported him to immigration and it will take 3-5 years in court to prove that it was a scam...on top of that once you file the scam, you are told nothing else and have to sit in wonder if you will or won't be getting a huge bill from the government.<br />
I urge you that if you truly love your man and he loves you... ask him to get a work visa instead, this way if it is just a scam you are not on the hook for supporting him after he runs away... Of all the people I have spoken to only about 1 in 5 was real.. the rest have been scams

Of the people that you have spoken too, how many relationships were with Cuban men vs Cuban women? I've been told by both Cuban men and women that a cuban woman that finds a good man stays with them cause they are so hard to find, but most Cuban men consider women a challenge and consider it normal to have two or three. I have seen it many times. I would also be really skeptical of any Cuban that has money! Where do they make it? Are they hustlers? Do they have someone sending them money and just need a ticket out of the country? The average wage is 20 CUC

Yes....flags should have went up right away when he paid for the marriage. A marriage is $650 cuc and there is no way a cuban without outside assistance or blackmarket activites obtain that kind of money. The only thing I can truly say is that men, whether they are cuban or canadian can fool a woman at any time and there are many men in Canada who get spousal support for many years.......and let's hope the new process the government is putting into place will make the process easier to get your spouse here but also easier to remove them if in fact it was a scam........

hi tinitym,
reading your story it is ringing bells, because of the timeline and the story, I think I know who your husband is. If it is the same person I think it is, he is in Miami, not Toronto.
The man I know arrived in Ontario (but it was not Toronto) in dec 2011 and then in February he left--claiming his wife was doing drugs/did drugs. He crossed the border at Niagara Falls (I believe) and is now in Miami.
Sorry to hear about it. Terrible story.

Wow! Thank you for all the information. We all really need to be cautious. Question for you Baffin.....what carrier is this txt saver pkg with?

I got it through Bell. It shows up as travel text saver on my bill and they charge $10 a month for the feature and $0.25 for each text she sends me through that phone, and $0.00 for her to receive. I use an iphone with the text plus app and it costs me nothing to send and receive my messages from her.
One other feature is that the two phones on one plan mean their is a record of our communication to submit to the immigration officials.
Hope that helps.

Please please please....<br />
If anyone could let me know whether the house I am visiting in cuba, needs a letter of permission, to allow us to stay the night. When I asked, he said if it is more than 24 hours then yes they need permission, but if it is just for a day then its fine. But I want to make sure. <br />
<br />
Also, if we wanted to get some groceries to make an authentic dish from our culture for the family, would we find a local grocery store where we could pick some things up?<br />
Please let me know:)<br />

Hi sre2,
You don't need permission to visit, but you can't stay overnight at his house. The best, and cheapest, thing you can do is rent a Casa Particular and then he can stay with you. It is similar to a bed and breakfast in Canada. It cost between 25 and 60 CUC a night. I know of some in Varadero, Cienfuegos and Havana (Miramar). My fiancee stays with me every time I go to Cuba. We both have to show our id's. THIS IS ONE WAY TO DETERMINE IF HE IS LEGIT!!! If his ID is matched with different tourist then the Cuban government can identify him has a hustler. If he is all yours then he can check in with you all he likes. This also includes resorts. We have been to 5 resorts together and never have a problem. The reason a Cuban tells you they can't get on the resort is because they are blacklisted for hustling tourist.

You can find a grocery store, but they are rare. The best dish I can cook at her house in Cuba is a really good spagetti. I use some of their sausage and cook it slowly in oil with garlic, onions and pepper. I add water to let it simmer for 1/2 hr or more. Then I use Hunts spagetti sauce at 5 CUC/can as my base and let that simmer too. Cook up the spagetti in the pressure cooker, mix it together and he will love it.

The cheapest way to keep in contact is to have two cell phones and leave one in Cuba with an international txt saver package $10 a month and $0.25 for him to txt you. Then you have an iphone with the textplus app and you can txt your number for free over wifi. We can text everyday 3-4 times a day or more and get to say goodnyt every single day. At first it was just emails every few days and lonely nights, but since I figured this out going to bed has been so much sweeter. Often we end up going to bed at the same time and it adds exponentially to the feeling of being close. The other benefit is that you won't have to finance a never-ending stream of top-ups for him to call his girlfriend if he turn out to be a hustler.

Good luck and don't be scared of Cuba, just be cautious. I had a Cuban man stay with me while he was studying in Canada and it he made it very clear that it is very common for Cuban men to have more than one girlfriend. Their is the main woman that they have children with, but almost always there is one or two that they keep on the side. Be very cautious and invest some money so that you can keep in touch. If he chooses not to reply then you can cut your losses to the price of a cell phone.

Are you still together with your Cuban love? How is it working out in 2014?

Question...when you booked the does that work? I mean I pay for an all inclusive with flight I obviously do not need a flight for him, he is there but do I pay for an additional person for the week for food and drinks? We are planning on booking a house like you said but I just want to know for future reference. I really appreciate your post btw, honest, straight forward and very informative. Thank you for sharing yourself and your story.

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. If I could speak spanish then I could probably ask them at the desk for a double room when I arrive and pay the additional fees for a second person. Instead, what I did in the past was book another room for her and we just stayed in one of the two rooms. That can also work to get around the passport ID problem. However, I don't fly all inclusive any more. The flights alone are cheaper and more flexible and I use the money I save for us to stay wherever we want. If we choose to go to a resort for a weekend then we just book through a Cubatur office or one of the other tourist providers located across the island.

Hi Baffin, you seem to have it all together and I am just starting with my relationship. We've been dating for 4 months, I've already been down to Cuba a second time since I met him. I've been to his house, met his parents and family. I am going back in July and need some advice on renting a house for us. I have already left him a Rogers cell phone but it's costing me a fortune. I would greatly appreciate it if you got in contact with me. My email address is

hello babyv514

you may already know by now but I will still share info..what I do is when I call to book my all inclusive trips to varadero (I usually book sunwing) but I am sure other companies offer the same.what you do is tell them you want 1 all inclusive with flight and 1 ground only that your friend lives in Cuba and you just want to pay for his or her hotel(I was told it was cheaper to book from canada with a company than to book at hotel).what it usually works out to be is whatever price you pay for yourself..less the taxes...for him will be 40 percent less(again from sunwing) and you do not pay taxes for for example your trip is $800.00 without tax...for him would be $480.00 no taxes grand total say your taxes are $280.00 then it would all come to $1560.00 total for both...and of course the less you pay for you...the less you pay for him...myself I always go to the same hotel which is only a three star and well located i've seen myself pay total for he 2 of us..mind you I left from Montreal and not Ottawa anyhow i paid $1325.00 for 2 weeks for both of us.just keep your eyes open for good deals...I don't need 5 star hotels I just need to be with him...we have been together now for 6 years but absolutely my eyes are WIDE also have to be aware that apparently (according to sunwing) some hotels do not allow cubans to stay there so be careful before you buy his share because it is non refundable email hotel first I guess..that is why I always go to the same one...everybody knows me there's like a family....sure hope this post was not too late and hope it will help if not you....someone else take care and good luck!!! VIVA CUBA

Who uses a phone to book their flights?

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I have a question regarding calling Cuba. When I got back from Cuba I phoned my service provider (sasktel in Saskatchewan) to find out pricing to call Cuba and they said they don't recommend calling Cuba as the Cuban service provider can charge whatever they want a minute ($10, $20) and you won't know how much they are charging until you get your phone bill... Can anyone help! How do I phone Cuba for a more reasonable price?

To call Cuba can be very expensive. I have spent about 400$ on my last phone bill, thinking I have a certain amount free international calling minutes. Never again. it is about $2 per minute to call cuba, especially a cell phone. Many don't have a house phone, and not everyone has a cell, as it is expensive to keep (pay as you go). He puts money on his phone and sends me missed calls. I send him the same. I use a website to send free international text messages. I abuse that website, I use it all day to tell him whats going on in my life. We also use a program called "voip cheap" to call about twice a week. It works out to about $0.80 /minute. Besides that, we e-mail. Cuba is tough to keep in touch with. I try to go 3 times a year.

I have married a women in cuba, the people have it right you must know her life and family there,,, I am in tight with the cuban people and speak the spanish..not great but good to communicated with her family, we had the most wonderful wedding ant d a beautiful honey moon...she loves me i feel it every day..i love to make a diffrence in her heart as she has mine,,, she has taught me so much about myself, and there is no way she would ever leave me in canada as her family would shame her from her grandparents down...her dad calls me his son..the people ask for nothing, we have fun we laugh we dine and i cook the canidian Pizza spaggettie...cookies i love cuba love her lover her family we have all filled the holes that we were all missin gin each others hearts...i wish you the luck that i have found love to...chow

Hello Everyone. I stepped onto the Cuban island for the first time on Dec 15; just last month! The day after, I met a Cuban and we locked our eyes. Ever since, we have been communicating through e-mail, text and phone. Yes, it does get pricey. There aren't even calling cards that will get you more than 3 minutes for $2.50. It's crazy. We fell in love. Yes, it has only been a month, but booked to go back, first week of aApril. We fell in love at first sight, it was truly something I did not really believe in, but I guess it is because I have never really been in love before. This is the hardest part for me...the waiting...the patience and counting down the days. I can only imagine how you all feel, who are engaged, or married, waiting for papers. I am still in the process of getting to know him, and I intend on going back a few more times. This april, we are going to the resort, but we are taking a taxi to go and visit him in his town, to his home, to visit his parents. Has anyone done that before? I am asking because I was wondering if we get a taxi from the resort, then go to his house, I wanted to know if let's say him or/and his mom could come in the taxi with us, to go that allowed? Another thing, he told me that he does not need permission for us to come and visit him, unless it is more than 24 hours...does anyone know this for a fact? What f we wanted to stay the night, because we were thinking of attending festivals at that time and we wouldn't feel comfortable taking a taxi back to the resort at night. Please let me know!!!!

My Cuban boyfriend is from a small town 9 kms outside of Varadero and I traveled from my resort there by taxi (15 CUC). He also came back to my resort with my by taxi although Cuban people are not allowed on to the resorts. I also stayed the night in his families home and it was fine. Took a taxi back to my resort the next day! Good luck and hope this helps!

Yeah my friend lives in Banes, small town in the Holguin province. Im staying at a resort in Holguin, close to Guradalavaca. He says its about 50km. My moms a travel agent so I am hoping that because of that and some bargaining, it will not cost more than 45-50cuc by taxi...

Cubans have been allowed in resorts now for over can also just buy them day passes to use resort for 20-30 cucs or add them to your room for more ...remember please he will have other girlfriends

Hello Everyone. I stepped onto the Cuban island for the first time on Dec 15; just last month! The day after, I met a Cuban and we locked our eyes. Ever since, we have been communicating through e-mail, text and phone. Yes, it does get pricey. There aren't even calling cards that will get you more than 3 minutes for $2.50. It's crazy. We fell in love. Yes, it has only been a month, but booked to go back, first week of aApril. We fell in love at first sight, it was truly something I did not really believe in, but I guess it is because I have never really been in love before. This is the hardest part for me...the waiting...the patience and counting down the days. I can only imagine how you all feel, who are engaged, or married, waiting for papers. I am still in the process of getting to know him, and I intend on going back a few more times. This april, we are going to the resort, but we are taking a taxi to go and visit him in his town, to his home, to visit his parents. Has anyone done that before? I am asking because I was wondering if we get a taxi from the resort, then go to his house, I wanted to know if let's say him or/and his mom could come in the taxi with us, to go that allowed? Another thing, he told me that he does not need permission for us to come and visit him, unless it is more than 24 hours...does anyone know this for a fact? What f we wanted to stay the night, because we were thinking of attending festivals at that time and we wouldn't feel comfortable taking a taxi back to the resort at night. Please let me know!!!!

Hi I just came back from cuba and i made some cuban friend, one day we arrenge to meet at their house, we spend all day and I slept over.but they told me to pretend that i arrived in the morning because yes, they are not allowed to have you over to sleep, but we still did and nothing bad happend. the day after that, they took the taxi to bring us back to the resort with us, no problem ! So you can go spend a day there, and if you want to sleep there, do like me, and pretend you took a taxi early in the morning to go there, or hide your resort bracelet ! Or just ask the permission. Its up to you ! if you have any more question feel free to ask!

hello cuba2009, yes, i am from canada, and they called my husband right on the last day of 8 months, they gave him an interview for 3 weeks latr, and they also wanted additional proof that we are still together, bills, fotos,, flights,, ect, u need to be mentally prepared that it might take a while, or u just might get lucky, but do not despair, good luck,

Well I hope all went well at the interview. I am submitting my application tomorrow being February 27th.....that was alot of work. Hopefully you and your husband are now together.

Being in love with our soulmate is a wonderful I thought. I fell in love with a wonderful Cuban man.Spent three years traveling back from the USA to oCuba visiting my love, his family and my friends. He came to the US in July, we married in August and in October, he left our home and has not returned. I am looking for him and unbeknownst to him, I have found him and watching his every move. did he not understand that this is my country and their are ways to locate anyone. Meanwhile, what do I do. This is the man who decided to leave and not turn back. As much as my heart aches, do I approach him or just leave it alone. After all, he did this to me. I opened my heart and gave my love to a cold calculating man. <br />
<br />
Ladies and gentlemen, think before you make the same mistake. How much do you really know the person ou want to bring from Cuba, a land of extreme poverty. This is happening to me right now, December 2011. If I only knew prior to the investment.<br />
<br />
My your I choice wisely!

unfortunately, there are people from around the world who will do this kind of thing to another person. They aren't just from cuba, but often they are from poor countries that are difficult for them to leave and so they see another person as an opportunity, rather than a real person with emotions.
May the man who treated you in this way get his just desserts someday and have his heart broken.

My parents have been going to Cuba (Santa Lucia) twice a yr for the past 7 yrs and know many of the locals, this was my first trip.<br />
I met a man that I like very much...<br />
Because he lives in a rural area he has no access to internet or email. He has a cell phone so we've been txting but it's very expensive. The cheapest calling I've been able to find is about 0.93/min. He doesn have a land line so it still costs him reg cell rates too.<br />
Does anyone have any suggestions for the most economical way to keep in touch?<br />
I know it's cheesey but to just say hi when we're thinking of one another, one of us will call the other and hang up, and then the other will do it back lol... it's sort of adorable and it's free.<br />
We are adults hahaa 31 and 28.<br />
If things were to progress I would want to move to Cuba.. does anyone have any info on this process?<br />
I know many ppl that visit for up to 6 weeks at a time with no additional paperwork.<br />
I see how much work and money it is to bring a Cuban to Canada but we're not interested in that.. I'm all about simplicity and am more than happy to sell my house and live in a shack where it never snows.<br />
I have enjoyed reading all theat everyone had posted.. I give my thanks!<br />

hello.<br />
it sure is a long process, i got married in oct 2010, sent my paperwork in feb 2011, and havana received my paperwork end of march, it will now be 8 months, and i am still waiting for an answer,, i also know someone who married in may 2011, and they have already been contacted,

Hi....I was married in October of 2011 and my husband just received back our marriage certificate. I am heading to Cuba the first week of January to get the certificate and his documents for our application. There does not seem to be any method to the processing of applications....some are much quicker than others and it seems to be just a random selection. I hope you shortly have your call for the interview. I would be most interested in seeing how you make out. Are you from Canada? Seems to me that the Canadian Embassy in Canada is consistently the longest time period.

Wow, I thought I was the only one going through all this... pulling my hair out figuring what I will do with my situation, but this has helped sooooo much!!! I'm from London and have been with my Cuban boyfriend for a year and we hope to get married September 2012.... yep... much prefer to be in Cuba during and after the Olympics... waaaay to much overcrowding in London, lol!!!. But all these documents and translations and MONEY seems daunting, like having to wait up to a year after marriage for documents to be authenticated.........( Does anyone know of anyone who has been refused Immigration/ marriage visa to live together... Im very scared of that). Its already hard, visiting in between my uni terms, but now that Ive graduated, I really just want to get on with things. I too, have heard the good, bad and ugly about marrying a Cuban, but when you know, you know. Though, I would say its important to be vigiliant and observing, I have witnessed too many (como se dice en espanol ... jineteros) just looking to leave the frustration and hardships they face in Cuba, but its about being realistic and keeping the lights switched on at all times! I really didnt know what step to take next, but now I will print this page and create a checklist... think it will be needed... thanks guys x x

Hi! Congratulations....I myself am getting married on October 20th of this year. To the best of my knowledge you cannot live in Cuba on a permanent basis and you have to apply for a special visa to stay even 30 days. Once you get to Cuba you then again have to apply to live with that person for the time you are there. It will not be guaranteed that you will be allowed to stay in his home.. As far as marriage documents being authenticated the longest I heard has been 3 months and I have known at least 6 people who have married Cubans...from Canada....from Germany...from France and the UK as well as Spain. What unfortunately can take up to year is the processing of the sponsorship application. I too would love to be able to move to Cuba but there is no employment there unless you can get a job at a university or if you are independently wealthy and can buy your way. Many people have gone over on missionary reasons or scholastic but anyone I have talked to travels back and forth for visits. If you are going to be working in Cuba I would be very interested in the process. Hope this has been helpful.

I'm going to assume that because you've just finished school that you will be wanting to stay in Canada to work and bring him here....
I'm just wondering if you ever considered moving to Cuba?..
I was just in Cuba and met a man I like very much.. if things were to progress I would want to live there.. do you know much about what that process would be?
The man I'm "seeing" and I use that term loosely lol doesn't have access to interent so we can only text and call.. I was wondering how you keep in touch and what you have found to be the most economical way..
My parents have been going twice a yr for the past 7 yrs and now I will be doing that as well .. Nov/April.
They have formed many bonds with the locals and that is why I trust this man.
If he were to come to Canada it would only be to visit.. he has
no interest in living here and i have no interest in living here if I could live there!
Thanks! Bekki
London ON

It is possible for foreign nationals to live permanently in Cuba. I have personally met several on visits to the island, from various countries, including Italy, France, Spain and the USA. My wife is Cuban and we have looked into the process, but for the moment we intend living in New Zealand most of the time.
There is a special family visa required for foreigners who are staying with a partner, even a legally married partner and it is more expensive. It gives you the right to stay for 3 months. However, the last two times I was in Cuba, I just got an ordinary visa and no one ever bothered me. In fact, I haven't ever been hassled by authorities or police in cuba and the idea that it is a police state is absolutely false. There are some seemingly absurd rules about many things, but these rules are there to protect people as a whole from american terrorism and aggression.
There is also a lot of corruption, but it is often not very blatant and involves people in position of power not wanting to help you because they aren't sure themselves what is permitted. For example, when my wife and I were getting married I had to bring along a document that was called "no impediment to a marriage." We took it to the office where we were going to purchase the marriage certificate but they wouldn't accept it because the man there said it didn't say why there was "no impediment." He was not asking for money or a bribe and in the end we took it to another official and she approved it.
So far as the viability of marriage to cubans in concerned, I think it's important to note that Cuba has one of the highest divorce rates in the world - something like 85%! Relationships are very fluid and its unusual to meet anyone in Cuba who has not been married more than once. It's a Latin culture, and a carribean mentality to mess around and explains why my wife is so jealous. I think it's something you have to learn how to live with. On the other hand, in general men continue to feel a duty and responsibility to their children.
Getting married to a Cuban is an expensive process no matter what country you come from. I really lost track of how much I have spent, but it would be several thousand dollars and on top of that, if your partner has children by someone else, there is the expense of supporting them or helping them to immigrate eventually.

Are you from London England?

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Hello,<br />
I just want to share my experience with all of you. I am a canadian who married a cuban man.This is a really long process. I got married in October. Sent my papers to Mississauga right away and got accept. Havana received my application in December 2010 and as of today it's ( 7 months) and we have not heard nothing from the embassy. I received the AOR from the embassy stating that after 6 months we are allowed to contact them for information. My husband went to see the embassy and they gave him no information. The only thing the lady at the embassy told him is that we had no problem with our application. ( Between my husband and I we have sent over 250 pics, emails, my phone bills, his phone cards , travel proofs, etc..) According to the lady at the embassy the reason it is taking long to process the application is because there are to many fake marriages between Canadian and Cuban.. It is EXTREMELY frustrating because of other people situations WE ALL need to suffer to be with our loved ones.

Hello Ninita82! May I ask you if you had to have any documents translated before submitting your immigration papers successfully? I am preparing my husbands papers and don't know if I should have our marriage certificate and his birth certificate 'officially' translated before submitting them to Immigration Canada. Cheers!

Hi.....I am just getting married on October 20th my man from Cuba and will have to wait of course until the marriage certificate is authenticated before applying for him to come to Canada. However two couples I know who applied have both recently been allowed to come to Canada. The gentlem Gio that I know who married a woman from the east coast it took them 11 months from start to finish once they submitted the application and my other friend Doris who married a man from Edmonton to 9 months from the time they submitted thier application. I am hoping by the time you read this you will have heard and your spouse would have had is interview. It seems that once you receive your phone call it is a matter of weeks before the interview and they tell you right then and there if you are allowed to come or not.

Reading your stories was overwhelmingly encouraging. It's absolutely amazing to know that there are people who have gone through and succeed at what may potentially be my future. 2 summers ago I was on a missions trip in Havana, Cuba with my family and a few other couples. We ran a children's camp and while I was there I met some really sweet Cuban teens/young adults. I ended up really hitting it off with the pastor's son of the church we had been helping at. We went back for a second summer (2010) and it was then that our 2 families talked about whether we were going to pursue this potential relationship. I'm 16 and he'll be 20 in a week, so the age difference was a bit of a concern. But we've been e-mailing and just getting to know eachother better, praying about God's will and hoping that a future could work out. Just reading through this has been so encouraging and uplifting. Thank you!! Good luck to you all.

I also met a Cuban in 2010, and know he is the one I want to marry. I go every 3-4 months, and we take turns calling each other daily. He is taking me to Havana to meet the family in June, and we have discussed marriage. We'll see how it goes, and I know the risks, but it's a risk I am willing to take! Good luck to everyone on this forum :)

god bless all of's true there are many negative stories about cuban's coming and then up and leaving there spouse...BUT...i see the same if not more with couples from the same's not cuban's it's humans...divorce is just to easy for people these days, it's not even marriage it's a paper for some people in todays world...i am getting married hopefully in november 2011 and a friend of mine is getting married in may of's having common sense...if you don't spend the time and effort getting to know your future half and their families it's likely it won't last...yes, it is expensive but we go into this knowing that, it's unfortunate the positions there are in and can't reciprocate the same way, but AGAIN we go into this knowing all of this...i talk to my fiance everyday on the phone, sometimes just to tell her that i love and miss her and sometimes longer. this is important because i know i can email and all sorts of things but it's important for me to hear her voice and feel her feelings through her voice, i mean for me i want to do this only once...i try to get to cuba as often as i bills are extremely high but i manage to make different decisions on how i spend my money here now....for example instead of going out to a bar with my friends 1 to 3 times a week and spend approx. $300 to $600 on food and drinks etc...i don't anymore because i can get to cuba every month for that money. i truely wish all of you the best in your future and this was very helpful website...the information was incredable...thank you and god bless.....and remember i'm really not one to give advice but....only you know what you have with the other person, stay true to yourself and be open, if you're scared then you are scared, let them know trust me it goes along way, i did it and it allowed me to have a much more open relationship with her and she's aware of what people say here too, i mean i have to tell her my concerns otherwise why would i get married.....? again take care and god bless

Let me tell you, I know the feeling!!!! I met Alejandro in 2006 and we have been married for more than 3 years now and I have to say that they do not make the process very easy. It is emotionly, and finacialy draining, but so worth it in the end... My husband has been with me in Canada for almost 2 years now and I must say that the adaptation period was also very difficult, so ladies please be prepared.... You must be patient and you have to understand that they come from a totally different world. Don't get me wrong, as I am not trying to be negative... I am extremilly happy in my marriage and I would do it all over again, but all did not unfold as I had hoped. They are not prepared for this fast life... My husband was the main DJ at a Hotel in Varedero, and he knew the meaning of work. He worked 6 days a week, sometime 15 to 16 hour days, but nothing prepared him for work here. He had no problems finding a job (1 week in Canada) and he knew very very little english, but he constantly faced challenges. When things get hard for them, all they want to do is run back to Cuba to what they hold dear to their hearts and that is their familly. This faze passes, but it takes time... You must keep an open communication all the time and you have to keep reassuring them that they are not alone. So again I say, be prepared!!!!! I hope the above is helpful to you and I wish you all good luck!!!!

I started dating a Cuban in October of 2010 and we are no where near wanting to be married yet however I have had a hard time finding anyone who understands what I am feeling! We talk almost everyday through email and I am trying to go at least 4 times a year to see him. He lives in Mantanzas as well! I was looking to see what would be required for marriage if we did decide to get engaged! This has been so helpful! I would like to keep in touch so that I can figure all this out! Thanks for helping me and not making me feel so alone :)

These posts are great. I am currently engaged to a Cuba man and we have known each other since November 2009. I was very hesitate going into this relationship and we have taken our time getting to know one another. I am going to Cuba about 4 times a year right now to see him and we e-mail each other every day. He has recently got a cell phone and I text him once or twice a week and I phone him once a month. I have been very careful reading posts and other comments from people. To this end my guy has never asked me for anything other than some vitamin e pills to clear up a skin condition. He works 6 days a week and has a degree in Agriculture. Right now I am in the process of getting my long form birth certificate and my Certificate of Divorce and then I will have them notarized and translated. I am leaving for Matanzas again in 5 weeks and can't wait to be there.

Wow...this is amazing. I am also engaged to a Cuban man :) I just got back from Cuba again on October 17th. This was my second trip there this year and we talk on the phone and keep in contact through email. I knew this wasn't going to be a easy process. But that's it when you find your true love. It has been great reading all your comments and learning what I need to do. We plan to get married next year (2011) So i guess i have to get some money and get my papers all seen to. get my papers and get them translated. and he told me it is 725 cuc's to get married in Moron, Cuba. We will be getting married in the city, on the beach, not on a resort. My understand was he could leave once he was married and come to Canada. this makes things a little more difficult. I really don't like this separation/distance. And it is very costly for me to travel back and forth, i live in Newfoundland, Canada so it is not cheap :(. Well, a lot of work ahead of me. All the best to you all. I'll keep checking in and reading :)

I am so happy I found this information and it is up-to-date! I am currently engaged to a Cuban man and we are hoping to be married in 2011. It is so hard to find solid information on the marriage process.Thank you so much and congratulations to all of you who are getting married!

Thank god I found this site!! I just married my cuban husband Sept. 2, 2010. I'm wondering what the next step is with the sponsorship process. He has our marriage certificate with him in Cuba as it wasn't ready for me to bring back to Canada after our wedding and I'm planning on going back in Nov. 10 with all of the Canadian Immigration sponsorship forms for him to sign. Is there anything else I will need to bring with me regarding papers? This is where Im a little confused as I don't live in Ontairio I'm in a province in Western Canada where it is a little more difficult to find someone who is going throught the same process. Please I just want to be sure I have all documents I need to bring back with me from my November trip so I can start the PR process.

I married a cuba lady in august of 2010.<br />
the cost are as follows, any documentation you need an original divorce cerification..$25...long form birth certificate ..$35...translation to spanish... $112...these documents verified by your mpp...$0...all documents authenticated at foreign affairs canada...$0.... reviewed and certified by an cuban embassy in canada ..$160 per for me it was $640 ... for 4 documents( since they consider the english version as 1 document and the spanish translation as 1 document ) . To speed up the process and avoid time consuming canada post I drove to ottawa and had this all done in 2 days.<br />
In cuba you will pay 625 cuc plus 8 cuc for stamps for the marriage certificates.<br />
Your sponsorship for residence application will be $1045 to start plus any money to process the application in cuba. I don't know for sure what this will be but heard that it will run about 500 or 600 passport, police checks , medical , any cost for travelling to havana .<br />
<br />
Also, as for the marriage success rates there is mostly talk of marriages not lasting but I don't belive them because I know of so many happy marriges between cuban and canadians.<br />
The stats here in canada for canadian/ canadian marriages is about 47 % divorce rate.<br />
The only thing you need to get kind of straight is how much you are willing to support the family members back in cuba. A little support goes a long way in helping your marriage but you will need to to be clear on how much because cubans really think that all canadian are given a money tree at birth.

wow sounds like great advice for someone thinking of doing the same, i am also thinking of living there too. do you have any info/advice in whats necessary that department.....thanks matt.

this is where i am confused! I have taken my divorce certificate and birth certificate to a licensed translator. One I receive the documents back from her....where do i go from there. I know they must be notarized by the Canadian government...but where? A lawyers office? mpp? do I have to make the trip to Toronto or Ottawa?? Please help me...I am at this step in the process. ty need to have your single status certificate done as well....those documents then all need to be notaried and sent to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa for authentication. There is no fee for this but I would recommend you courier them so you can track delivery time. There is approximately a 7 week turnaround time for this. When they come back from Ottawa they need to be sent to the Cuban Embassy in Toronto if you are from Eastern Canada save and except Quebec. There is $176 fee per document for both the english and spanish version so $1,056.00 and if you courier the documents as opposed to attending at the consulate another $40.00. I couriered my documents and had everything back within two weeks.....having said that I had my documents already translated when I sent them.

Hi there, I too am looking into driving to Ottawa to have my papers authenticated and legalized. As of recently they don't do a rush service for an extra fee. How quickly did they do this for you at the embassy ? I'm on a short time line and having a difficult time contacting the embassy. Thanks if you are able to reply

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I love my Cuban husband. He is not a stereotype. He is a man. A human. A hard worker. Driven. Ambitious. A provider. A planner. He has personal goals. He has goals for us as a couple. He is dedicated. Loyal. In love. A million times better than any man from my own culture. Never a regret. I absolutely adore him!

I am recently engaged to a Cuban man and we want to live in Cuba; I am a US citizen and after reading all these stories I don't know what to think. The way we met in no way suggests he was looking for a gringa to get him out of Cuba and he swears that he doesn't want to leave Cuba; I would like to live there too...Any advice or suggestions out there? We are both not that young (early 30's) and we are in regular contact via email. I don't want to be foolish but it seems there is genuine emotion on his part and of course on my part. Any help out there?

hi i too am thinking of marring a cuban and living there only my spanish is terrible. Yet i would prefer to live there than freeze here. I am hoping we can share info and assist me with whats necessary to do so.........please reply to thanks

Did you end up living there?

There is not too many who want to give up all what we have here, but it seems to have it's advantage like hot, great friendly people, latin music, salsa and not as much stress!

ppsandy79 is correct. The fee is now 160 per document and since the translated document is also legalized it's $320. Translation is $32 per document. Therefore, $704.<br />
<br />
We can all find negative stories on the internet and on this subject there certainly is an abundance. Skettellboom's general comments are to be taken seriously. However, statistically I believe this is an exaggeration. I happen to know of at least 8 cuban marriages that have worked and have lasted at least 5 years (30 years at the other end). Positive, successful stories are hard to find because these people have better things to do than post their experiences on the internet.<br />
<br />
However, back to skettellboom, if you don't speak spanish or have spent little time in the latin culture, then please slow down and take your time with this decision.<br />
<br />
My first language is Spanish. I am a Canadian citizen (46 years old) and I plan on marrying a Cuban woman in December 2010. I have known her for two years. I have met her entire family. I have gone to Cuba 8 times in the last two years and I know her feelings for me are sincere as mine to her. I had my suspicions at the start after reading negative posts on the internet but they were unfounded and simply served to keep my feelings for her guarded when I should have been my normal self as I was here in Canada on the dating scene.<br />
<br />
Good luck to all and I look forward to updates from CayoCoco

Well I am around your age and also married to a Cuban. Married 10 years to be exact and dated him for 5 years. I wish you luck and I hope she is honest and good to you. However, If our marriages to these Cubans go down the tubes (like the other marriages). Look me up! We can have a real honest relationship.

wow! it's wonderful 2 fall in love and be happy, it's a beautiful wonderful thing and i don't want to be negative here but been there done that and most of the time it doesn't work out. I also got married to a cuban citizen almost 10 yrs ago and the marriage only lasted 2 1/2 years, he up and left, left me with a 13months old baby boy and never looked back, he got his permanent resident status and that's all he wanted. I know at least 23 Canadian women, myself included and about 10 canadian men who all married Cubans and today they'r devource from them and 95% of those cuban citizen are now either married to some one from their own country or another latin country believe me! I'm not making this up, sadly, it's a known fact that most Cuban marry a foreigner in order to get status for that country, then they leave you high and dry, as i said, I'm not trying to crush anyone dreams here but please do some research and see what I'm saying is true before you make the costies mistake in your life. All I'm saying be careful and be realistic, everything seem like paradise in the begining but could have a sour ending. good luck ladies.

I am also getting married in Varadero in October 2011 to my amazing Cuban boyfriend. However I have consulted the consulate and it is much more expensive than mentionned above. In total $704.00 CAD to legalized and translate the birth certificate and single declaration. I am happy to read stories and comments as everything else about marring a cuban is negative. keep in touch girls and let me know of anything else I need to know. Congrats to both of you xxx

Thank you for sharing your story. I am getting married in Moron on January 21, 2011, to a fantastic Cuban man. Your information has been very helpful as it is so hard to find out about the Cuban documentation on the internet.