I Thought It Would Never Happen To Me

Fout years ago i met a nice man he was the nicest guy i had ever met..he swept me of my feet..i told him my life story i was a single mother with to amazing one and a two year's old little girls..i had left there fother because he was a cocaine addict and he was abusive.....never in a million years thought that i was going into the same kind of relationship..i've cried my self to sleep so many times that i have nobody to talk to,i feel ashamed of my self knowing what to do. I have a 2 year old babyvwith hom and i thought that was gona make us happy and he would change hes a great fother , he has two more choldren with hos ex wife..i need someone to talk to...
vanessacleme vanessacleme
Apr 24, 2012