His Addiction

My husband and I have been married 10 years. I left him for four years due to his crack addiction.
We got back together on his false pretenses of being drug free. I moved out of state

with him once things went bad, where I was living when I let him back into mine and the children lives. I packed up and moved with the children once again it was starting up. I picked us up and carried the family like I was the husband. I became depressed & my blood pressure was so high the doctor had to put me on two different blood pressure pills to take every.day and that didn't work. I eventually had to chose my health over work. I thought this would have been a wake up call for my husband, but sadly it was not. He continued to do drugs and not look for work, so eventually we ended up out of our home and in my dad's. Home. Because my husband care more about drugs than his family. I am going to have to risk health problems and go back to work. Because my husband is happy doing nothing. Sad situation
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1 Response May 23, 2012

I know what your going through, I have been there, and still here except the kids are grown and gone. And let me tell you it don't get any better. I also put my health last to keep us going, now I can't walk across the floor. It is a viscous cycle and i hate it. i am so sorry that your life is like this.

Thank you for sharing, and I to am sorry about what you have gone through & still going through. Hopefully one day we will decide that we are worth being treated like queens. Once that happen our strength will come so we can leave. I am trying to get my strength to that level before it's too late.

I hope you get out, my life is so hard just with my health its h--l when you can't do. These people don't love us and will lie and cheat until the day they die. I am told I have to stay, I leave now to go to my kids and hate when I have to come back here. He has took my car, sold it. I have nothing anymore except this computer, its my only connection to the world.sorry for babbling, just get out now, I am telling you

That is awful, I'm so sorry for your pain. How old are your children? Do they know

19, 16, 10, and 12 and all of them ecsept the 10 year old knows.