Husband Left Me And Kids For Drugs, Alcohol And To Live With A Prostitute

my husband left me and my 3 kids for drugs. it's been almost a year and I havent received any financial support of emotionally from him. The few times ive seen him hes always with his prostitute. I can say say that of her because she use to be with our friend. However my husbands friend left her because she was extremely obsessive of him. Then shortly after shes dating all of my husbands friends even my husbands boss. How disgusting is that. Shes been to our house before to eat and I would give her rides and do her hair not knowing how she was a drug addict, I knew my husband have done drugs in the past but not active. So I started notcing her calling my husband a lot and hanging out with him and the other guys which all were friends but I was saying to myself something wasnt right he slept out of our house for two days straight and me with twins that were 1 years old at the time. Shortly after I found out he slept at her house with her. When I found out he was seeing her he denied it. I begged for him to tell me the truth and he said they were together one time only, I then told him you where with that ***** than you stay with her. hes come back to me with all his clothes begging and crying but I told him no rehab no family. His new girlfriend monitors our conversations the few times weve talked on the phone and always gets involved in our conversation about our kids. She tells me hes trying to be a good dad and that he loves her not me. And tells me I threw him out., remind you I found out I was a month pregnant but had kicked him out prior, I told him, she also knew but both of them could care less. I found out recently thar she was a street walker few years ago because of her heroin addiction. I have so much anger inside of me cuz of what both of them did to me. She is 12 years.older than my husband hes 36yrs old and sges 48 yrs shes a grandmother of 8 kid and sells drugs and does.cocaine from her house. My question is how does your husband leave his family for a woman like this? And do you think thia relationship will last? By the way ever since hes been living with her hes never worked again, no child support and says shes a good woman to him ahw supports him in every way and boy does she defend him she dont see no wrong in him ans I heard he has given her 3 black eyes with a year. she claims they are happy and madly in love. I can really use some advice. Hw only met the newborn one time only no Christmas gift or even a call to our kids. She told me im not allowed to talk to him will they get karma?. Best of all she dont want him to contact his children cuz she told a friend of mine how sad is this story.
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:( your husband is stupid and blind. Sorry to hear that I hope you and your kids are doing alright. You are a strong and amazing mother to have to take over both parent roles. I hope you met someone who can be really good to you and your kids. he probably doesn't love that 48 year old he probably just wants the drugs. But it's sad he choose that. I wish the best for you. And please don't take him back when he comes crawling back.