My Boyfriend Is A Convicted Felon...

and it pains me everyday. i don't think he knows how much it bothers me that he can't get a job. we can't live in a nice house, and that when i finish college i will have tobe sole provider, even tho im the female. 

hes a normal guy, no tattoos, just caught in a bad situation. his roomate had weed in the house when his daughter was there. sigh. 

it has ruined his life. i just wish i had someone to talk to about it. people are so afraid of the word "felon". no one wil give me the time of day :/ 
and i know my mom would not want to know...

comments appreciated >< ill wb
yoshiesque yoshiesque
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i would love to have anyone to talk to....<br />
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its really just an ongoing dilemma. all of the problems in his life depress me. he doesnt fit into my social circle, and so thus i am withdrawing from my friends. i feel less and less normal everyday yet i would rather be away from friends than him. which in the end is bad. but i can't help it. he makes me happy in the moment. he makes me laugh and smile. ive never had a boyfriend....can u blame me? <br />
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even though hes a kind hearted person, i feel like hes such a bad influence on me. i sortof have a dependent personality...lack of confidence. this works to is benefit...<br />
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the only outlet i have is talking to strangers. its not helping as much as i imagined..

hi yoshiesque. i'll make this short and sweet.

1. you're WAY too young to be tied to any man - felon or non-felon, bad guy or good guy, etc. you're not even married this guy (thank God!), you don't have any kids with him (thank God even MORE), ... You haven't even begun life and you're already throwing it away. please free yourself by separating from this person. not because of his felony necessarily, but because you'll only come to despise him later once you realize you never lived life.
2. anyone who doesn't build you up and share goals with you for you to support each other in your common life objective is not a good partner for you. note that building you up requires positive, constructive action - not words (e.g. 'i love you', 'you're beautiful', etc.) a man can tell you that everyday and still show actions that he's inconsiderate, selfish and spiteful.
3. he's not a kind-hearted person. he might be nice sometime, but that doesn't mean that his intentions are always kind - and most importantly, his intentions are probably not the same as your (in terms of your relationship). if he's not putting in just as much effort as you, or willing to share your burdens, I don't see what's kind-hearted about that.

Anyway, i'm so tired right now - i don't even know if i'm making any sense. gotta go to sleep. later.

by the way - i'm married to a felon. with the exception of having the most beautiful, smart kids in the world by him; marrying him is one of my biggest regrets.

thanks, honey. it always means something when ppl actually comment!

its been a year with him and im glad to say that ive put my foot down. im not as codependent as I used to be.

Why is it one of your biggest regrets?

I married one.

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