Frustrated With The Justice System

My boyfriend is a convicted felon due to hanging out with his boss who framed him for a robbery in a frat house. He had a 4.0 GPA in micro biology, and had all MCAT score to get into medical school, all before his "friends" in the small town college said he broke into a house he had never been to before that night and and "stole" video games and computer monitors under 2 minutes of being in the house with his friends. The Police never interviewed any of my boyfriends friends or alibi's, just the "victims" and their friends who did not know him.

On top of his friend consistently changing his story every time he talked to police and friends, my boyfriend had told the police he was trying to get into med school and that he would do what he could to help out and bring justice to the case. The police told him that if he returned the "goods" his charges would be reduced, so he did just that, and then they officially accused him of robbery throwing him in jail and causing him to lose his job and miss his finals.

When it came down to the trial he went through 3 defense attorney's; one didn't show up, one forgot his name and the other used him to leverage another case throwing him under the bus, even though he had letters of character from employers and teachers, all notarized. But when it came down to it, for $165 in restitution he was charged with a felony within the state of Wisconsin.

My boyfriend never had anything on his record prior to this, and nothing after. He has gone on to get 2 more degrees in math and physics, yet, he gets turned away from jobs. He is the most honest and hard working man I know. We have tried re opening the case, and the Assistant DA and Judge we brought it in front of in that county both decided it did not warrant a reduction. We have taken it to countless other counties DA's and have had other judges look at the police report and case and every single one of them say that he was over charged and there was a lack of representation and not a thorough investigation.

We are tired of being judged, he is a good man who was in with the wrong crowd at the wrong time......we just don't know what to do anymore......
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