Life Is Good

Life is good with a Filipina wife. I am well taken care of, and, extremely spoiled.

She is (almost) always willing to go the extra mile to make me happy.

We've been married for quite a while, and things just keep getting better.
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2 Responses Jan 26, 2007

really?<br />
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the guy just said shes a filipina................implies philipino lol

Yeah but he speeks American baby so dont be too harsh :-)

Yes really.

The Republic of the Philippines is big place involving several islands each with their own local customs culture, influences.

You don't think someone living in a coastal fishing town might have a different perspective, a different way of life than someone brought up in the mountains, or or someone brought up on the dirty streets of some industrial town, or someone raised in a tourist resort town.

It's "Filipino" and "Filipina" with an 'F' when used in this context.

That's so nice to hear from you. Where is she from?