I Married A Foreiner Too........

Hello everyone. im a african american woman & I married a man from kenya. I met my husband at work he was tall dark & very hansome & when I say tall i mean 6'3.lol im tiny 5'2:-) but he was the sweetest man & very educated. I noticed how mature he was for being only 25 at the time. I loved that he was different & I love his cute suihily accent. This month we will have been married a year.the first few months was interesting we had lil arguments based on the colture difference between us, & still getting ajusted to each other.lol so far things are great! its funny because I told my mom I wanted to marry a foreiner, after being tired of dateing the same type of american men. for some reason I felt that men outside this country saw tings differently & I was right, they see things completely differently.lol, so i got what I wanted.
wishr33 wishr33
26-30, F
Dec 15, 2010