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The Man I Married...

I'm in my second marrage. I met him at work. I was lonely and had two kid's. I didn't want to be alone the rest of my life. I thought I finally met the right man. He love's me and tries to treat me like a queen. After we were married I found out on our honey moon that he was diffrent. Like a totaly diffrent guy from what I thought I was getting. I knew then that I didn't think I loved him. But We had a beautifal wedding. Family had given us a lot of nice thing's..Kinda to late to go back after that. I seperated from him for a year and a half after 5 years of living with him. Just felt that I could't live the lie any longer. I told him how I felt. we are back together now cause I can't make it on my own and he is my best friend, I just don't love him in a way a wife should. I have tried. It's just not there. So rather than up set every one, I guess I'll just be the only one that's not happy... 
lisagirl1992 lisagirl1992 31-35, F 1 Response Mar 6, 2012

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That's a rough turn of events. You could be faulted for getting into a situation too quickly but I cannot fault someone for believing they had found love. Reconsider your acceptance of the situation. Instead, discuss with him your feelings and how you would want to make things better. If he is truly your friend (and this may also be a hard pill to swallow, as he is your ex) see if he'll help you find your way again? Can't hurt to try.