Married to a Diaper Lover

My husband of 10 years recently confessed to me that he likes to wear diapers.  He's 61 and I'm 56 so we certainly aren't kids.  Being the old hippie that I  am, I pretty much took it in stride.  We've been "playing" for about a month now and I've seen such positive results since he's been able to act out on his obsession. His blood pressure is lower, his attitude is so much better, and his temper (which used to be scary)has all but left him.  He had kept this a secret all his life and I believe the pressure of hiding his true feelings had a lot to do with being so angry all the time.  I must admit that I really like being his "Mommy" and we are so much closer now that it's great!  Anyone else out there with a similar story?

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When I am stressed out, my mommy puts me in diapers, and takes me on the bed and nurses me either from her breasts or via a bottle. I love it, and become completely relaxed.

I am so curious to talk to ab mommies. learn what you get from it. so as you go along,,,, post the feelings if you would...... I am diapered 24-7... and have ben for over a year.. it started as medical... and I just can't be without them now...I have ben a dl since I was 9

wow.. that's awesome. I told mine.. and I am single now....I am just not sure about being a baby.. I have always ben in charge... I am new to this part of your world... until last month I only used my comp to check my e-mails twice a week. I am blow away by the way we can talk. we, I mean, ab/dl's

hi milkjugs ,i hope things are going better for you .if by chance it doesn't would you like to take care of me ?

Oh yes however I've never been married but sounds like I'm alot like your husband. Once I came out and finally told a girlfriend a few years ago I to was not a happy person either. That all changed once I was able to tell another about what I really liked to enjoy from time to time. Best thing I ever did. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

there are so many out there that need and want your love, your right move on, i know a nice guy who went thur what your going thur, except it was his wife who was so abusesive, i used to cry seing the bruses and cuts on him

Are real spankings part of the diaper play here?

hi milkjugs ,i to love wearing diapers .a softbottom is very exciting for me my wife to diapers me an its great .only wish is i could get people to chat about how they like to wear them anis it sexually arouselingto them as it is for me .my wife usually takes care of my problem-by milking me so lets chat some

Lucky you. I had to force my lesser half into nappies! lol

dom chick you can diaper me anytime you want

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I've been wondering how it's working out for you since your last message about trouble on the horizon. Have things gotten any better?<br />
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Just a concerned EP friend,<br />
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I am sorry. You might look in your phone book and see if there is an a group classes in your area for anger control classes.

I responded in your other thread, so I won't double up here, but I'm sorry about the foul moods, yelling, and making you feel like crap. My wife could accuse me of some (most) of the same stuff at certain times, but there is a give and take that has to be worked out. I often feel like I am the one trying to make things work out, and of course, that leads me to get cranky when I realize (or think...) that she's just not trying.<br />
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Not sure how this has worked out for you since last December...BTW, verbal abuse should not have to be tolerated by either party. Of course, physical abuse should be followed by a call to 911. The hard part is being friends to each other when things are stacked against you. I hope it has worked out for the best for you. BTW, did he ever come on EP and post? I'd be curious to see some of his messages. <br />
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I have been a life long bed wetter, and my mother put diapers and rubber pants on me everynight until I was 13. After that, I had to put my diapers and plastic pants on myself, but she still had to check and make sure I had my diapers and plastic pants on before I went to bed. The doctors never said anything was wrong with me, there is really no explanation of why I still wet the bed occasionally. So when I married my wife, my own mother told my wife that she needed to diaper me and put plastic pants on me because I have night time accidents and wet the bed occasionally. I was horrified to say the least, but my wife never batted an eye and has been diapering me every night for the past 23 years...sometimes I think it actually brings us closer together...she was not able to have any children due to female complications, so I guess that is why she seems to enjoy powdering me and pinning me into my diapers every night.

I'm sorry to hear that. I've read everything you've wrote on here and you seem like a great person. I hope everything works out for the best, I really do. bohemian

Well, it's been a whole year now and I'd planned on giving my husband a 1 yr. Birthday party with all the trimmings but he's in yet another one of his foul moods and just want's to yell at me and make me feel like crap. I do believe that I am done. Time to move on. I never has an adversion to his ABDL but I do have a problem with being treated badly. At first he was so calm and we "played" a lot. We still "play" but he's turned back into the critical, selfish, *** that had me on the verge of leaving in the past. I don't know what else I can do for him besides going along with what make's him happy. I can't take the verbal abuse any longer. His daughter was here for Chistmas and she told me she felt sorry for me because of the way her father treated me. I actually feel sorry for him in a way because he's going to be a lonely, bitter old man with no one to care about him. Thanks for everything you guys have shared with me for the last year but I feel this will be my last missive. Good luck to you all, Milkjugs

If the situation your in works for you then fine. I'm so happy that my husband told me everything but she may not be ready. Also, what you need to realize is that your "fetish" is not that uncommon and not offensive to most people. I've shared with some people and they were not disgusted by it at all which rather amazed me at first but there are some really way out stuff out there. Wanting to hang onto your babyhood in these rough times is probably everyone's wish but they just go about it in different ways. I think that you should work on not being ashamed about something that for you just comes naturally. Your not bad, so don't think of yourself that way. Who knows, maybe your wife has a secret passion that she's afraid to tell you. Ask her.

I was a bedwetter up to the age of 13yrs old.At 16 yrs old found i was aroused seeing diapers and plastic pants on washing lines,so i started to wear again secretly. I got married but never told anyone of my love for diapers and plastic pants.luckly my wife atarted to work nights at a local store which gave me the oppurtunity to wear at bedtime. I used to wear a white bath towel as a diaper with plastic pants so i just used to put them in the washing machine every morning so that she never caught on to my fetish this went on for yrs.Later in our marriage her father becamr ill so she went to look after him for about 18mths. I found this time ideal i wore my nappies and plastic pants all the time when not at work such a nice feeling. Over this period i decided that i would tell a lie. I informed my wife that i had developed a slight wetting problem waking up with damp pyjamas ( which of course as you know i was in nappies) I told her i had started to wear cloth nappies and plastic pants so as not to wet the bed. I said i had tried disposables but these are expensive. so i didnot mind wearing a terry cloth which was cheaper.( and of course the nappies i loved ) she understood my problem and since she has returned home i wear every night for bed and make sure i wet my nappies. We used to have sex but shed didnot like having sex while i was wearing ( which i really missed out on doing) I have never told her of the fact i have worn nappies plastic pants all my life. I am happy being able to gradually wear more and more even during the day at weekends SHOULD I HAVE TOLD HER THE TRUTH ABOUT MY FETISH . Or should i just carry on with the fact i am enjoying wearing and not spoil the situation

I am trying. Its been over a year and I cant find anyone that would want to date me. Not sure if its because I havent dated in a while or Im just gun shy. I am on several singles places and had some resopnses. I have tryed coming out with it right away and not said a thing. Well lets just say I have been trying diferant ways to ghet their attention. I want to say thank you for the advice.

It sounds like you need to find a woman with a kind heart. There are a lot of us out there who love our mates in spite or because of their fetishes or fantasies. When you look for a potential mate look for a kind heart first. Good luck to you and don't let your ex wife live rent free in your head. Evict her and get on with the truly amazing life that you can lead!

Its nice to know there are some wives that understand. My exwife never did. Ohh I would say when we first met she didnt care she never bothered me about it. I told her right off when we met. She and I were blind dates, my friend that i met in the military knew of my fetish and he told me that I just had to meet this woman friend that went to high school with his wife. After we were maried is when she started to shut me down. Some times she would out right teas me, or get discusted. She realy treated me like crap. She also used to wear for me too, or pee in her pants too. All started to die down and I was treated like crap for it. She would say she was never into it. If she had been honest with me from the start I would not have invested all the time into it with her. A relatinship with this kind of fetish must be in sink, you cant just date or marry some one if their not into it, nore can you marry or date some one just because they are into it. Just like any normal relationship every thing must be insink or the relationship fails. Like mine she blambed me for all the problems in are marige. She never realy had sex with me unless I had no intrest of pee or diapers at that moment. It was hard, very hard on me and I was never happy. She controled every thing in my life. I resorted some times to look on line for my relife. She would find out and act like I was having an afare on her. Finaly in the end of are relationship, she had me on a very short leash with it and would even tease me with it. She would tell me she would do things for me but never did. Then she had the second afare on me, the first was in the beggining of are marige, and the second was a year before we broke up. She kicked me out saying she cant deal with me and my fetish any more, the troth was she wanted to be with her old boyfriend from high school that she had the last afare with. After I moved out to make it even worce when I was at work she would come into my house and leave panties that she would have accidents in, she would tell me ohh its ok I will let you have sex with me and I will do things for you. I thaught well then she wants me back, so I started to date her thinking she wants to work it out. No never was her intention. My land lord that she knows tells me I was bugging her for sex, and my fetish. I dont understand her. I stoped asking and never asked her over any more. Even when I asked her over so I can make her dinner and watch a movie, she ate it then said in the middle of the movie that she wanted to go out with her boyfriend insted. Im a very sad lonley man now. I was very used and emotionaly abused by her. So thats great you feel that way cause I was the few maybe that was not so lucky. 18 years of wasted time.

Thank goodness someone responded to my story that doesn't sound like it came from a Penthouse forum! My husband likes to also wear the outfits for adult babies. He doesn't urinate or defecate in his diapers he just likes the feeling. I mother him and "nurse" him(hence the name Milkjugs) and we have wonderful times snuggling. When he gets home at the end of the week he is so tense that the first thing we do is diaper and dress him. We live on a horse ranch and so there is work to be done but it gets done a lot faster when you have something to look forward to. Hoping to hear from you soon.

My wife was the first person to find out about my secret, too. Like you, we are not spring chickens, either but it is definitely a stress reliever. Before when I had to hide it, it took all of my energy to live a normal life. I used to drink a lot just to cope. Now that my wife and I "play", I don't drink and the stresses of life disappear. Sounds like we have similar circumstances. I would like to talk more about this. We could share perspectives.