My Father Has Borderline Personality Disorder And My Mother Doesn't Love Him

I also have borderline personality disorder and I'm fairly certain my sister does also. You know it's only slightly awkward and uncomfortable when you feel that your mother is the only normal person in your family and would love to just leave all of you if she had anywhere else to go. This is how I've felt every since I've known that I've had this disorder and realized that my whole family except my mom had it also. To oversimplify what B.P.D. is, it's seeing thinks in black and white or "all or nothing." You either love someone or you hate them, you put 5 spoons of sugar in your tea or none, you do 2 hours of work or you don't do any at all. My dad's been that way for the 25 years that he's been married to my mom and on top of that he's very anti social. Unfortunately, they never actually fell in love. It was an arranged marriage and I'm almost sure that she was pressured by her family to marry him because he was a doctor and she needed someone to support her. She probably just thought he was a bit shy that was all...she had no idea what she was in for. It was only when she was stuck in her marriage that she thought "How the hell did I end up with this person??" And then 8 years later they had me and he was always a distant father. His social phobia caused him to never go out to places with me and my mom and sister. He just went to work and then came home and watched TV. Him and my mom never supported me in anything that I ever did. They never went to my track meets, my basketball games, my concerts, my anything........I had no friends when I was younger. I had very bad social problems and I got along with exactly 0 people. My mom realized this, but I guess didn't care enough to help me or take me to a therapist...maybe because she never liked my father and he was in his own little dissociated world. No, instead of my mom helping me she did nothing until I helped myself this year (I'm 17, male) and on top of that had to inform me of the inconvenient details of her marriage, making me hate myself and my life. I couldn't ask for better parents. And hey! Mothers day is just around the corner! Can't F***** wait! :)))))))
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My mom is boarderline and dad is anti-social...pretty sure i have one or both of those attributes, but have worked hard to suppress them/ figure them out so that i won't end up as messed up/ fake as they thing to do though, is to try and stay away from people with the same disorders as you and find someone that can help balance you out...