Away From Reality Borderline Personality Disorder

I dont know how to began. but it have been hell on earth living with this man and his mental illness. i have been with for twenty five years and have yet to see any improvements. i have no more respect for him  because the things that comes out his mouth is unbelivable. i have taken a lots of verbal abuse i can not take it anymore. i want a divorce.yestrday i cook a prefect good dinner he got so angry with me because i talk back to him. he say things that are not true  he say things that is not reality. he wanted to hurt me so bad that he went to taco bell to eat and he sit at the table and ate out of bag to hurt me. he sleep on the sofa in the living room. i ask could i talk to him he said  he allways tell me that he is sick of me.its allways me all the time who start the trouble in this marriage . i dont trust him at all he have allways cheated   in this marriage. and he thinks i cheats  on him.. the rage , the loud out busts we are out in public . i want him out of my life  i am to old for this . i think he is crazy his mother was crazy.. i am tired of being embarrassed lie to manipulate. when you are married to this kind of man you will feel like you are crazty because you are walking on egg shells. take care of your self first.  i am going to have to stop this life and become free if god could not help him i can not help him .  he will just go on to find another victims 

trubrite trubrite
51-55, F
Mar 1, 2010