Few Stay Married


I married a midwife 22 years ago. AND we are still married! We are a very rare couple. Most midwifes I know are divorced. Some don’t marry men in the first place. All of them ware Birkenstocks and I only know one who wares make up.

My wife went to Washington DC to see our NM Senator. When she went to a meeting she was the only female there that was not wearing high heels and panty hose. She was wearing her Birkies and cotton pants. The Senator loved her and the other women told her they envied her courage. She had no clue as to what they were talking about. The short of it is that she got what she wanted. Midwives are very respected in NM. 

  One of the main reason that divorce is so high is the unusual hours. She gets calls in the middle of the night ( I can only remember one or two times a new mother called at 8 or 9 and had her baby before 5pm) and usually it seems to be on the weekend.

You cannot have any trust issues if you are married to a midwife. I trust my midwife because I know that if she spent the night “sleeping” with some guy or gal she would tell me ahead of time. She is great that way. 

  She has a bumper sticker on her car that says “Midwife, the Worlds oldest Profession”. If you didn’t already know she is not a hospital midwife who works with Dr. No, she is the old fashion type. A lot like the kind that helped women bring there babies into the world 10, 000 years ago. I wonder if they had Birkenstocks back then.

One more thing. If you ever wanted to meet a bunch of them together, Winter Solstice would be a good time. Just look to the open desert for a blazing bonfire and listen for drums and a bunch of women hollering. Sometimes they let me tag along.  

Dewduster Dewduster
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Your wife sounds like quite the personality. I think I would like her, lol.