Well, yesterday was another day. My wife went to get some ice from the freezer - it's the only reason she goes there since I do all the shopping and cooking. The freezer has a top shelf which pulls out so it's easy to grab smaller items and the ice. Most of the time, the shelve will slide back into place. On occasion, when the ice maker is in the process of refilling, the bar will block the shelf from returning to the proper place. The solution is to manually lift the bar and slide the shelf. Simple. Not if you’re a moron. What my wife does is just push the shelf harder until the bar breaks. As she informed me, it’s my fault for not being able to fix it. I agree it’s my fault, but not for that reason. I never should have had it fixed eight months ago, the last time she did the same thing.
jacksoninva jacksoninva
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haha it was your choice to marry the moron.....