You can Lead Your Wife to Water but you Can’t Make Her Think.

Yesterday, as I do most every Sunday, I went to the grocery store to do the weekly shopping. My wife has never done this and since I do all the cooking, it only make sense. I enjoy the routine of getting up early and doing something. If not work, then something else.

So, my wife declares that she is going to make lunch for my daughter next week. She’s not working, so why not. It’s important for me to know since it affects the weekly purchases. Typically, I put snacks and fruit in a small sandwich bags. This is far too much work for my wife. So, I know to get the “lazy” fruits (apple, banana, orange – things you can pick up and put in the lunch) and individual serving snack packages. The idea of cutting strawberries or washing grapes and putting into a bag is way too much effort. Along with this my daughter likes a bottle of water. I pick up a case of water but neglected to bring it in the house with the rest of the groceries. This created a monumental crisis at 6:00 when my daughter and I were watching a movie and my wife needed –at that moment, to pack the water for lunch.

Wife: I need the water. Get it from the car

Me: as soon as the movie is over

Wife (at 6:10): is the movie over, I need the water

Me: No. Half hour

Wife (at 6:20): how long is that stupid movie. Four hours? I need the water.

At this point, I have two ways to go. I can reward this impatient behavior and get the water. This is not in my best interest. To my wife, it shows weakness and will create issues (really, she’ll create) for the next two weeks (I’ll discuss in a later post). Or, I can suggest she get it herself (Heavy? Lighter than the 18 pack of beer bottles which she has no problem bringing in the house). The suggestion of getting it herself ends the discussion.

After the movie ends, a little before 7:00, I bring the water in the house. My wife looks at me and says “Great, it’s warm. Now our daughter will have warm water at camp tomorrow.” My daughter, who’s pretty smart, stifles a chuckle. I look at my wife for a few seconds thinking she’ll figure this out, but it doesn’t happen. Finally I say, “She’s not leaving to go to camp for thirteen hours, is there anything we can do?” My wife actually suggests going to the store to buy some cold water. This solution is suggested as she puts the warm water into the refrigerator. She really has no idea that warm water now will be cold later. I say to her, “You know, that water will be cold in the morning.” You could actually see the light go on.
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