So my wife has been out of work but is looking for a job. She stated last weekend that she would make dinner during the week. From experience, I know this really won’t happen, but to give her the chance, I bought some frozen meals. Heat and serve. In the 15 years I’ve been with her, there is only one time she cooked and that was when we first started dating.

So Thursday, she decides she’s making dinner. Frozen pizza. Well, ok. About what I thought. Set the oven, put in the pizza, set the timer, take out the pizza. A chimp could master the task. She was lost at “set the oven.” Instead of preheating the oven, she sets the broiler. I noticed and corrected. I didn’t point this out until she was convinced the oven was broken because it took so long to heat up. Finally – in goes the pizza. I give it a couple minutes and ask if she set the timer. No “how long?” Our ten year old daughter has this covered as she set the timer on her phone (it’s like she just knows if she or I doesn't, it’s going to get screwed up).

We have a frozen pizza for dinner. Soggy crust since the directions say to put on the rack and my wife put on a cookie sheet, but hey, it didn’t burn and get tossed. About as good as it gets. We finish and my wife comes back to the table with one piece of cake, leftover from our daughter’s birthday. She sits down and starts to eat. My daughter says “looks good, you going to offer anyone else?" My wife say, “Oh, I didn’t know anyone wanted any.” Well, had you asked…… She, of course, never thought to ask. She never does. I think to myself the same thing I’ve thought for years now. Selfish and stupid sucks, for everyone.
jacksoninva jacksoninva
51-55, M
Aug 22, 2014