I Love A Sicopat

I'm so scared, but i have to take a decision. I believe my husbund is a sicopat. A very inteligent man, who looks very mature and wisely, and also a christian who know the bible very well. This is the main reason why took me 15 years with him to realize that he is not a normal person. Almost 2 years ago I discoverd that he was having a relationship with different woman through the internet, I read all the lies that he said. i told this to my friend and she suggest to install a program in his computer so i can see every thing that he does. I did it, that was the beggining of my discovery. He has relationship with different woman. At that time I talked to him and my surprise was he ask me to let him to do that, because I deserve it ,is a long story. So many thing I can said about this 15 years. Now he is traveling and i been checking every thing he does in his computer. I'm in shock, how he used God to bring sweet ladys to him and lied to them. After that he talk to me and said that he loves me and i'm the women of his life. I'm so sorry for our 3 kids, there are so beautiful and inteligent. I'm scared, he will be back in 2 weeks. I have to take a decision and I'm so confused. I need help.
claudiangelica30 claudiangelica30
41-45, F
Aug 2, 2011