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My wife and I have been together for 6 years and married for 3 we have 2 beautiful children together a girl age 4 and a boy age 3. We like most young families have been struggling financially for some time now and have accumulated a decsent amount of debt as a result. So long story short our marriage has been under a range of different pressures for some time now and as a result has been deteriating for what seems at time to be the duration of the marriage. I do realise this all sounds steriotypical I.e; relationship was peachy kids came along resulted in more responsibilities blah blah. I know and get all that. But what has recently made things worse is that I recently took I job that will get us out of this financial mess the downfall is I have to work away from home for 4 weeks at a time then I get a week ti spend at home. Before I accepted the job we obviously weighed all the pros and cons up and spoke in depth about how we would help each other through the time apart. The thing is i come home after not seeing my wife for 4 weeks and she won't even sleep in the same bed as me is rude to me for what seems like 70% of the time that im home and generally makes me feel like me being home is an interruption yo her and the kids lives and basically can't wait for me to go back to work. Not to mention that I'm only 27 and ive had sex 4 times in 9 weeks like im sorry but that doesn't come close to supporting my libido. But the worst part is how predictable she is typically within the first week back at work the phonecall goes like this. Im so sorry I was sucha ***** on your week I do love you I bet you will find a mistress out there I will make your next week better blah blah. As uf i would ever cheat on her when I'm there for her. And as far as the im sorry and it will be better next time well I'm sick of living in groundhog day and i am at the point where my honest belief is that she is a compulsive liar and only cares about one person herself. boottok line its like being married to a spoilt brat, who knows I would cut off my right arm for her but can't even give me back the simplest things in return. For **** sake the things I want from her dont even cost any money. End of the day 2 hours of her time a day when I'm on my week off fir 4 fulltime weeks of my time in return is apparently out of line to ask for. Apparently watching a movie while everyone else is asleep is a bigger priority. Thanks for listening and just to let you guys know this exercise was more to get things of my chest than I quest for answers I realize no one said life was easy. However if any one has usefull, wanted, polite and in obvious advice feel free to comment. Cheers.
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Time to go! I had the same thing happen and we r finally getting on with our lives. I have three kids. I can no longer deal with the spoiled brat tendencies that my former wife has. She is an ok mother but a terrible wife. How did I ever choose someone as shallow as she is? Oh well...more to life than living in a miserable family.