Tired Of It

I have been with my husband off and on for 14 years. Married for the last 5 of it. He was an only child growing up. He was raised by his grandparents. He is a spoiled rotten brat and I am sick of it.

I want him to help clean the house occasionally and he dont. I wanna spend time with him but all he cares about is how fast he can get on the computer and ignore me. I take care of his dog and cat and he never says thank you to any of this.

He wants sex all the time. I am pregnant and I dont want it right now cause I am just not "Feeling it" right now.

How to I change all of this? I want to be with him but I am also so ready to leave for good this time. What should I do?
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3 Responses Dec 9, 2012

I have the same experience with my husband. We're married for 3 yrs.
He doesn't help me in cleaning the house and leaves all the laundry to me.When I got angry and told him to help me clean,he did clean the house. However, he put all the dust and dirt all over my shoes. He's already 39yrs old but acts like a 9 yr old kid.
Tell him your thoughts, if he doesn't change, leave him.
That's my plan.

tell him he has to change or you're done

Leave or your life with a spoiled brat will make your life a living hell. I was married to a spoiled brat for ten years. She was devastating to our marriage. She is a parent pleaser and cared less for her husband. I have three little girls from this beast of a woman. I ended up with depression due to the misery involved with dealing with such a piece of **** for many years. She lacked all it takes to be married. She is about as shallow as a desert. She is a narcissist for the most part. I will most likely leave my kids behind due to what I will be facing in the future. Her parents are wealthy and they treat them like little princesses. Time to move on and get out of dodge. Let them be miserable. I cannot deal with it anymore. I had better relationships in high school!:-)