Never Fails The Devil Got His Soul And His Brain

It never fails how he manages to act like an ***....I try to have a reasonable
intelligent or even simple conversation for him to grasp and he just plays the stupid card....what do you want from someone who actually likes the show
"FRIENDS" I think it's moronic!

He doesn't realize acting like an *** doesn't humor me! I wish I could be around a better rounded man with some intelligence to share.



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1 Response Sep 16, 2012

Girl; don't I know it!! I am so where you are right about now......My husband has no clue most of the time...At first; I thought that he is just plain old "slow"; but now that we have been married a lil while now; I've come to the conclusion that he is just lost in his own little world!! When it comes to his overbearing; controlling, dominating older sister "Barb"; He is in complete denial about her! I and our marriage have gotten lost in the shuffle somehow; and he seems to either not see this as a problem; or he simply just doesn't care!!

I believe what happens is THEY form their own reality. They choose to believe everything is ok. Their is a form of selfishness for they don't WANT to see how the spouse is effected by their stupid behavior and outside annoying interferences (that Barb bit#h and was my SIL ragetty old hoarder with a bunch of animals) thankfully she is in the shadows now with me anyway.
I gather your husband was always close to his dominate sis and she is alone I gather? I know. The annoyance I have my stories on here.
Actually things can be going along pretty well I will start to feel content then he says or does something that spoils it AND NO they don't see it.
WE just have to establish lives within ourselves and find tiime for ourselves
Sorry this is so long. Thanks for responding to my post