Married But Looking In South Florida.

A little about me first; I am a relaxed, well educated professional making a modest living. I’m not looking for a quickie; can pay for that but won’t. I wear shorts and polo during the day and jeans at night. I take care of the way I look; most of the time. My communication style is straightforward and honest. No need to beat around the bush. My friends who know about what I am doing approve of my actions and reasons why. One friend doesn’t. I have a dark side that I need to let out. I have not been able to experiment with my sexuality like I have wanted to because of an uninterested partner. I look like a “good boy” but act badly. Slow and soft is great but most of the time hard, fast and long is best. For me, the rougher the sex, the longer I last. I am willing to try almost anything with a female (not into the gay thing). I am carefully looking everywhere and thought EP may be the place. So, what am I looking for?
Looking for a lovely woman wanting to have a no-strings-attached relationship. Kinda like a secret friend with benefits. Basically, someone like me. I believe that if both lovers are “in the same boat” the affair will go a lot smoother and more rewarding for both. I’ll try to solidify that cloud like lover. Here it goes. Married with children and not wanting to leave her husband. Has a dull marriage lacking, passion, romance, sex, intimacy, (everything and anything else) because of time, money or effort, etc. Likes cleanliness and being discreet about the relationship. Relatively the same age as me and not looking for a sugerdaddy. A professional woman that understands the twisted “business” we are getting into and is able to separate the two lives when needed. Able and willing to please and be pleased; via lots of experimentation and intrigue. Unpretentious, not impressed by flash, but by openness and humbleness. And lastly, I think, has the ability to take time away from life to meet on a periodic basis. Oh, did I mention easy on the eyes? If you have read this far, you might as well reply or message me so we can get to know each other's story a little better.
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Nothing intimate yet but had lunch the other day, (#4) and meeting for a latté this morning (#5). Fortunately she lives just down the street from my work, maybe 10 min. away. No more of those dates 45 min. away, travel time is a big factor, altho the one that far away looked like Jayne Mansfield. This one answers questions but doesn't volunteer much info. so thus far there are no negatives !

Sorry, had to Google "Jayne Mansfield". Nice looker, worth the drive. Yes, time is a HUGE factor. How do you carve time for this? Oh, have I thanked you yet for all your advice? If not, THANKS!

e-mail me off this site, its my username
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I neglected to say that this was someone else' ad; I modified it slightly, put in my true age. Received lots of responses.

Got it... I like the ad... has some similarities to my story above. Thanks again.

I hoped that it might help you. Its a 'softer sell' than I usually try. Its less about me, and more about us. Seems to have worked 3 just happened.

Nice to hear abouyt # 3... how often do you meet up?.

this ad (from CL) is a bit of a softer sell........................

A FRIEND...MAYBE AFFAIR - m4w - 50 (city removed)

What a ride this whole "affair" search has been. It all started by being bated in to set up a guest profile on Ashley Madeson only to find (understandably) most of their efforts go into getting you to part with your money. Then, I thought, Craigslist, only to find most of the posters on CL are scam artists looking to get your identity. Oh, by the way, thanks to the "flaggers" on CL as they face a lot of criticism but are actually trying to protect the normal people looking on CL. And during all of this adventure I find myself sole searching to try and understand what the H I am looking for in the first place...get laid...get a head is spinning. So my quest has led me to this post...a cast out into the dark waters of uncertainty to see what might "bite"

This I know: I am (as noted in the post title) in my 50s. I am married with a partner who seems to be a bit ticked off with me these days so I am lacking in both the emotional and physical side to what I used to poor ego lol. I am fit, educated, too busy, lost some of my focus with this whole affair BS and have a lot of life experiences and passions (my kids, music, food, athletic activities etc).

What I don't know: How far will I go with this friend/affair. My recent experiences have guided me to the understanding that this friend should also be married and wanting to stay that way. Her need should be the same as mine. . .a friend to talk to, share concerns, passions, stories about the kids, or solving the world's problems with a glass of wine. I do not know if this friendship would ever go beyond the friend thing as to introduce "benefits" to the equation would bring the risk of deeper emotions. I am not convinced I have what it takes to do that. . .just being honest.

This is you: I don't care about your age, I think I would prefer you be married with kids, I know you should be missing the same support and comfort in marriage I am, I hope you enjoy being active and are patient (as all women need to be with men . . . don't you know). And most of all, I hope you are put "the quest" in the subject of your reply. Oh, and no picture yet (unless you insist) as it seems only reasonable for both of use to base our friendship on something other than looks.

If you made it through my whole post. . .you already have the patience thing. Thanks for reading.