I Think I Sold Myself Short...

I met my husband when I was very young. I had minimal dating experience, even less sexual experience. I stayed in a long term relationship with a man that I knew was not right for me, and now, 5 years into that marriage, I am bored and restless. I am  young but feel old...I feel  like it's all over for me. My spouse travels a lot, so I am alone a lot...which is lonely. I feel unfulfilled personally and professionally and I have no idea what the next 50 years will  look like if I am so miserable right now. I just want to be appreciated and feel important to someone. Respected, desired...there was a time when my spouse thought I was something special...not I am not so sure. For all I know, he is having an affair. We spend so little time together that we know nothing about our lives. We lead separate lives. I feel stuck.
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How are you going now??? I am in the same position and left a month ago. I felt old myself and we were wanting to have kids and I saw that future with him and thought of how alone I would be.... He is my friend but we have no similar intrests :( Hanging to know what happened with you...

If I were you I'd get my heart together, talk with him about it and peacefully, respectfully go separate ways. Not been exactly in the same spot (different back story) but similar outcome and moving was the best I ever did. Good luck. Would be happy to chat if you like.

Been there and the doorway of change is always the hardest.. Counseling to help you navigate appropriately positively through the negative aspects to reach a happier place is a way, otherwise life is too short and time is lost. You are the most important person to yourself and deserve the best. Having an affair will create more chaos emotionally and sometimes if caught jealousy can be very destructive and violent. Best of luck

Sorry to hear this Hun. I know how you feel. Let's talk. I am a handsome guy and would love to chat to see if we can connect emotionally. Hope to hear back

We think marriages fade out because men start needing sex with other women - that is how it is. Men are polygamous by nature. Perhaps him having a second wife at home will bring joy, love, sex and excitment into your home and give a single woman a chance at having a good husband too.

*** it have an affair

Where do you live?

get a divorce if its that bad. why are you still with someone who is mean to you?

What is your college degree? Don't have one?? Why not get one?<br />
<br />
What is your job. Get busy advancing your career. There are very few jobs where you are at the top.<br />
<br />
What does your spouse say when you tell him that you just bought a new outfit at victoria's secret and you want to go with him to ...... and model it for him?

I have some work to do...that's what he says


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