I'm older and probably shouldn't be feeling this way but I also feel like it's now or never almost as Im certainly not getting any younger...My wife has lost all interest in sex and also that special intimacy connection that goes along with it. I'm thinking about finding a younger woman for an affair....is that totally wrong?
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Why a younger woman? Some women are in the same situation as you and have the experience to make things spicy!

When something is missing, it has to be replaced with a satisfaction no matter what.

Write me and see what I can do to assist you.

I would love to help you with this

That's a yes nd no question. Yes it's wrong but then again you do have needs. What's the reason for no sex.

I find myself fantsizing and craving the warmth of a woman in my arms and the feel of her.....feeling her trying to get closer to me....hugging me...touching me...letting me know she WANTS to be there....