Found Out That I Was Bi--and Loving It

Recently I bought my wife an 8 inch by 1.5 inch thick *****. I want her to take me and a friend on a mfm sexcapade and have wanted her to take it anal.

So, today I was looking at this monstrous ***** and thought how I want her to take a stud anally and was curious as to how it would feel. So I lubed up the false member and gave it a try. At first there was no way but I have watched enough **** to know that it could be done.

So round two...I put the ***** on the floor and proceeded to sit on it. It was very difficult but I pretended that my 'lover' was taking it easy and worked it in slowly. Once the head was past my sphincter muscle it was smooth sailing. Man how I love the feel of a **** in my *** now and I can't wait to feel what it feels like to have *** dripping from my freshly taken bottom!

I have thought of sucking **** ever since I was in 5th grade and I think I would be good at it. If you are in the Phoenix area drop me a line for an encounter, i would like to take you anally and blow you.
ravenshubby ravenshubby
46-50, M
1 Response Nov 30, 2012

Curious no more. I was just thinking that there really is no such thing as bi curious. If you are curious, then you're bi.

Sucked my first **** on Tuesday. It was one of the most incredible experiences. Definitely the most incredible in the past few years. Can't wait to do it again!