Bi-curious Could Add Heat To Marriage

My wife used to be into the Hotwife lifestyle, and we enjoyed if for many years. We did have a few mfm nights, but it was just both men servicing her, me sucking her **** as her man entered and satisfied her. but she would go at least three times a week on dates, mostly different men each time.

Here is what I have been hoping: that she would start hotwifing again and start the mfm steamy nights we used to have. I also am hoping that when we do, it would be me licking her ***** getting it ready for her lover, then taking his **** and giving him head to make sure that he was hard and ready to enter her. I would then position myself to be able to lick her ***** and his shaft at the same time he was sliding it in her beautiful dark complected *****.

It has been her experience that her black lovers would have to take their ***** out and stroke it to bring it back to full erection. In that case it would be my job to suck him back to full attention.

I would also offer my backside to him as well allowing him to enter me. In the end I we would want him to cream pie her, to which I would dutifully clean her up and then suck and lick her ***** juice from his member.
ravenshubby ravenshubby
46-50, M
Dec 1, 2012