I Married a Bipolar

Didn't know at the time....she wasn't diagnosed until after 20 yrs.  Lousy medical care, lots of suffering....but lots of fun and joy too.

Most information available is on the patient for the patient, not the caregiver.  I've been there, seen it all.

How about you?
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2 Responses Oct 10, 2006

My husband was always difficult to live with, not until 2007 did we receive the bipolar II diagnosis, he is a rapid cycler, and was manic and depressive in the bl<x>ink of an eye. Problem was, he was and still is in denial, wouldn't get the right type of help, wouldn't take his meds, and now, our family doesn't know where he is, maybe in Kaycee, Wyoming. I tried to help him, but when they become violent and think you are the worst person on earth, what more can you do...he wanted to escape me and his beautiful daughters. I have so many regrets that I could have done more to help him, my friends say, I did all I could and more, even placed myself in danger for him, when his new friends attacked me. There does not seem to be any answer to this problem...